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Blogger Guilt.  Yep I have a little of that at the moment, but having thought about it, I have determined that it is just self-inflicted guilt due to the high expectations I put on myself.  I’m actually pretty sure that no-one out there is scoffing and saying things like “oh my that Min hasn’t blogged in XX amount of days.  That is shocking!  Shocking I say!”  Probably no-one has really noticed!   When I think about it, I reckon I have a right to determine my own priorities without any guilt.

Some people can juggle lots of balls successfully and some even LOVE to juggle lots of balls and need to to feel fulfilled.   Me … I tried and was successful sort of – but eventually it got a bit much and those balls started to drop (eg I got waaaay behind in my photography assignments)!

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I haven’t been blogging regularly lately.  I haven’t given up on blogging … it’s just some other things need to take priority right now.

Like my photography studies.  Each assignment is like 3 or 4 assignments in one.  I need time to read through the modules.  I need to get out and about to take the photographs.  I need to spend time editing the photographs.  I need time to discuss things with fellow students in our Facebook Group.  I need to write up my assignments.  I’m supposed to have finished the course by the end of April.  I still have six (6) assignments yet to be completed.  Hence why this has become a high priority!

Like living life.  Sometimes blogging can keep you tied at your computer a little too much.  So much that you end up not actually living life to actually blog about!   The words stopped coming to me.  I wasn’t writing blog posts in my head.  Something didn’t feel right.  I need to step back and live life so that the words start flowing again.

Domestic stuff.  There’s no avoiding it.  There is washing, cleaning, ironing, cooking, gardening, shopping etc that has to get done.  In amongst everything else, I’m trying to find the right balance so that all these things get done.  I’m a tidy house/tidy mind kinda person.

Family.  My kids may be older now but I still like to spend time with them and know what is happening in their worlds.  I am also still kept busy with them.  Only a couple of days ago, I had to shelve my plans for the afternoon when my daughter came home from Uni sick.  Luckily I managed to get a doctor’s appointment for her that afternoon and off I went to take her to that, then to the chemist.  She also needed a physio appointment which was booked for the following morning and there went my afternoon.

Dogs.  I love my dogs.  They need my attention – playing, bathing, grooming, walking.

I still have plans for a new blog but as my highest priority at the moment is to catch up with my photography assignments, that will have to wait for a while.  Meanwhile, this blog will still be updated with blog posts – just not as regularly as before.  At least until I’m back on track with my studies!

This year is a big year for me.  On 31 May I will be leaving my 40’s forever *sigh*.  Yes … I will be turning 50.  It is hard to believe but I’ve had plenty of time to adjust to the idea.  I’ve decided to be grateful that I am still alive to turn 50.  Not everyone is!  I also think that my 50’s will be much happier than my 40’s.  My children have finished school – no more school fees or juggling work/school stuff.   I don’t feel the pressure so much to be slim and glamorous.  Of course this doesn’t mean I want to be fat and I would still like to feel attractive!  I feel more at ease to just be myself and stuff what anyone else thinks.  I like that!

Anyway, for my 50th I don’t want a party.  I decided that I wanted to get away somewhere quiet, surrounded in nature where I don’t have to cook, where I could go for lovely walks, where there is plenty of gorgeous photography fodder, where I could get a spa treatment, where I could read books and hear only the sounds of nature as I do … and sooooo I have booked 3 nights away for hubby and myself at Montville here.  Doesn’t it look divine!!

Hubby has sent me an email from work saying that he is taking two weeks holiday at the end of March and into April and do I want to go away somewhere.  Hmmm….where should we go people?  Keep in mind that we are not millionaires’ haha!!

So to you who read my blog, my posts are not as frequent at the moment but I’ve not deserted my blog.  I’m just busy living life, doing my assignments, doing domestic stuff, being with my family, and looking after my dogs so that when the words come back to me, they will be reflections of real life and living.

Ciao for now,

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  1. Blogging can take up on so many aspects of our lives. I have also decided to blog less this year, like once or twice a week only. I also decided to give less focus on all aspects implied by blogging because it can become so time consuming. I want to give priority to other things like my writing and, as you said, living life. Good luck with your assignments Min!


    • Thanks Rita! My Photography Course is so time consuming and often dependent on having available models. I really need to get a wriggle on with it. Nearly finished Module 6 – then five more assignments! Good luck with your writing! 🙂 xo


  2. You can take a break! It’s your space to do with it what you will! Sounds like you have your hands full and good luck finishing all those assignments. (I don’t envy you – I still have Uni deadline nightmares!)


    • Did you have a look at the link Janet? The place we’re going to looks so gorgeous with a beautiful outlook over a lake, lots of walks nearby, not far from the lovely Montville shops, and much more..!! Cannot wait! Meanwhile – gotta get a move on with my photography assignments. I’ll still be posting now and then 😉 xo


  3. Hi Min!
    I don’t think I’ve ever visited your blog but I love finding other bloggers around my age. Fantastic to hear you’re doing Photography. What a great bonus it will be when you do start writing regularly again.


    • Hi Michelle (I think?), I don’t think I’ve visited your blog either?! I have heard of you though or seen you around. I love finding other bloggers around my age too. I’ll be popping over to visit you very soon! I’m loving doing my Photography Course. It’s a lot more time consuming than I had thought it would be though and so between doing that, blogging and everything else – I’ve fallen a bit behind. Time to catch up! 🙂 xo


  4. I think it’s so exciting that you’re doing your photography course, Min! Following your passion is what it’s all about.
    And you’re only a youngster, I turn 50 ten days before you!!!! Where has the time gone? I still feel like I’m 30.
    Enjoy your getaway xx


  5. I hear exactly what you are saying – I have also had a bit of a bloggy break – due to packing up to move and not feeling like I really have much to say – I know how you feel – life is for living and blogging shouldn’t get in the way of living !!
    I love the Montville area – have the most wonderful time !!!
    Have a fantastic week !


  6. Yes, I agree. We don’t have to flog ourselves if we aren’t blogging as usual. What with spring finally coming to Michigan (USA-we’ve had record setting snowfall), I’m going to be outside! Even this week, I haven’t blogged as much as usual. Your right-life happens. God bless. Hope you have a wonderful birthday.


  7. No need for guilt , I can identify with all those reasons.
    Amen – I’ve decided to be grateful that I will be still alive to turn 50 too – in 2 and a bit years.
    Have a super birthday.