365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Days 348 to 350

I haven’t been quite myself lately.  I haven’t been writing blog posts in my head like I normally do.  There are no words itching to be written.  Instinct tells me that I need to lighten my load and expectations of myself at the moment … so I have.  Apologies for no post for quite a while.

I’m determined to continue with my 365 Grateful Project until it is finished.  I may not be posting a photo a day but I WILL get to the 365th day! 🙂  Having said that, here are another three gratefuls.

flower bud, camellia

365 Grateful – Day 348:  I am so happy to see my first actual flower bud on my Camellia’s!  I thought there were flower buds in the past but it turned out I was mistaken and they were new leaves about to uncurl.  This is definately a flower bud.  Hooray!

shoes, flats, mox shoes

365 Grateful – Day 349:  The smallest of things can brighten a day.  These Sapphire Mox Shoes arrived in the mail.  They are my first Mox shoes.  I plan to get more in other colours.  They are so comfortable!

shadows, waterfront

365 Grateful – Day 350:  I’m grateful to my sister for getting me into the routine of going walking with her every Monday afternoon.  I needed a push.  Hopefully the bug will get me again and I will go of my own free will on other days!  (This is a phone photo I posted to Instagram)

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    • I found out about Mox shoes via Instagram Janet. They’re comfy! Our waterfront is the BEST for walking. You always leave feeling more uplifted than when you arrived 🙂 xo


  1. Hey Minsmash,

    Seems like a lot of people I know are feeling as you are. We all need to step away for awhile. Will be waiting for your return. God bless you.