Ava Update

For those not familiar with who Ava is, she is my nearly 17 month old ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  Her pedigree name is Bibianna Baja Rosa.  Bibianna is the kennel name of her breeder, a friend of mine who lives in Sydney.  Ava was born on 25 September 2012 so she will be 17 months on the 25th of this month.  If you do a search on my blog for ‘Ava’ you will see lots of photo’s of her, including some cute puppy photo’s!

Yesterday as she was playing outside, I took heaps of photo’s of her but have chosen just a few to post today.  I posted these photo’s on my personal Facebook page last night and along with comments about how beautiful she is, my cousin was concerned that she looked sad.  I can assure you she isn’t sad at all!  She’s a happy little soul and absolutely loves playing outside.  🙂  I am talking to her to get her attention so that she will sit still and look at me, so she is concentrating very hard on working out what I am on about. 🙂

Here she is, my gorgeous ruby girl.


_DSC0091---editedShe can hear the kids next door.  She adores children!

Ava - Ruby Cavalier King Charles SpanielThis is typical Ava – she always has something in her mouth! 
In this case it is a blade of grass.

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  1. She is gorgeous Min.
    We have a 15 month old white and brown one named Lilly who comes to the nursing home every week day.The residents just love her to bits.
    I cant help but spoil her with lots of love and cuddles.
    These dogs have a beautiful nature and I can understand why you are such a proud mama.x


  2. She does have a long suffering look about her but as you say she was just concentrating on your voice.
    Cavalier King Charles would have to be one of the ‘softest’ but trusting dogs around so enjoy every day with him
    visiting from WW


    • Thanks Rita! Photography course is progressing slowly! I’m up to Module 6 – it’s all about portraits. I have to do female portraits (natural light and artificial light) and the same for male portraits. So I need to submit four shots in all! I’m being delayed by having models available! xo