365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Days 345 to 347


365 Grateful – Day 345:  This is MissM’s new bed.  She’s upgraded from a single bed to a double bed.  This bed came from my niece (her cousin) who no longer wanted it.  It was a dark timber and looking a little tired.  MissM and I painted it white … with full gloss paint (what was I thinking!!).  I am not a fan of painting with full gloss paint – it is so unforgiving!!  I am very grateful that it is now finished – not perfect – but finished!  MissM and I went shopping and she chose her quilt cover and matching sheet set – ‘In the Woods‘ – from Bed, Bath n’ Table.  We still need to get two more pillows, pillow cases to match the sheets, a quilt to put in the quilt cover (this can wait a little while) and some decorative cushions for a little bit of oomph!  She would also like a print for above her bed and a fancy full length mirror.  She may have to wait until her birthday in May for some of these things!

bag, satchel, frypan

365 Grateful – Day 346:  I’m feeling very grateful for Qantas Frequent flyer points right now!  We received an email from them advising us of the last days of a New Year’s clearance sale at the Qantas store which we could purchase from using our points and with free delivery no less!  We have quite a lot of points which we are saving for flights somewhere eventually but had enough spare for a little bit of points spending.  Working from the back of the photograph above, this is what we spent some points on:  1.  Manzoni Persimmon Leather Crossbody Handbag (for me)  2.  Manzoni Tan Distressed Leather Messenger (for MrMM)  3.  Pete Evans Hard Anodised Ultimate Chefs Pan with Lid & Helper Handles 30 x 7cm / 4.3L by Baccarat  (for both of us but I’ll be the primary user!).  I’m loving all these things.  My new handbag has heaps of room and I love a crossbody bag that leaves the hands free.  MrMM desperately needed a new bag for work and this distressed leather satchel is divine!  I won’t tell you what he currently uses but it is embarrassing.  The Pete Evans frypan is fabulous.  It is oven proof!  So all those recipes where you cook on the cooktop and then the recipe tells you to finish off in the oven …. I can now do that!  I previously did not have a frypan that could go in the oven.

knitted coathangers

365 Grateful – Day 347:  I have many, many knitted coathangers in my house and I love them!  I’m so grateful for all those years that my mother-in-law included some of her knitted coathangers as part of her birthday and Christmas presents to us.  They are beautiful to hang your clothes on.  No pointy shoulders!  She’s in a nursing home now and no longer knitting.   We will have these forever in our wardrobes and as a reminder of her.

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