365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Days 341 to 344

Hi there!  I’ve been head down, bum up, busily trying to get some photography assignments done!  Boy oh boy they are time-consuming!  I’ve been very slack with it over the lead up to Christmas / Christmas / New Year period and have lots of catching up to do.  This means I am not posting to my blog as often at the moment but I do have another grateful post.  The grateful’s are popping into my head daily so I need to do them while they are fresh!

Here we go … I have four for today …

tea cup, mikasa

365 Grateful – Day 341:  Afternoon tea with my daughter, where we got out all the good stuff!  My beautiful Mikasa dinner set that I lay-by’d leading up to when I got married, the silver teaspoons from a silver cutlery set which was a wedding gift, and the beautiful white tablecloth you see which was also a gift.  All of these things hardly ever get used.  I’ve decided … why wait until we have guests?  We don’t always use these things when we have guests anyway!  They should all be enjoyed by us whenever we want!

candle, candle holder

365 Grateful – Day 342:  Something old and something new!  Loving the combination of a newly bought candle on an old and rusty candle holder.  Simple things can bring such pleasure.


365 Grateful – Day 343:  Finishing an assignment.  Nailing correct exposure for photographing dark objects in a dark environment so that the final image is a replica of what your eyes are viewing, ensuring that there is no shadow clipping and the histogram is all to the left.  Loving my quirky bottles also.  By the way, this photograph was taken in a room with all the blind closed.  My house isn’t this dark 😉

jacaranda tree

365 Grateful – Day 344:  The other day a friend and I went for a walk and then sat at a cafe and had some wine and a snack and chatted.  I’m very grateful for this friend because she is special.  She gets me.  She encourages me, she compliments me, she believes in me, and she’s always there for me should I need her.  I love being around her.  I feel happy when I’m around her and when we part I feel like a better version of myself than before I met with her.  I wonder if she realises what a positive and wonderful influence she has on me?  Aside from how she makes me feel, she is just such a lovely, kind and warm person who is very multi-talented! The photograph I’m using for this grateful is a bit symbolic.  It’s a photograph I took way back when I first decided to start playing around with my camera and seriously learn a bit more about photography.  I feel like I’ve grown a lot with my photography since then – just like our friendship has grown.  It’s a photograph of a Jacaranda tree, one of my favourite things that makes me happy – just like being with my friend makes me happy.  I’ve added an artsy overlay to the photograph which represents the need for creativity that both of us share – just in different ways.  She might read this one day.  If you do, and you should know it is you, everything I say is true, and thank you!

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    • It is a very good feeling Em 🙂 Hope you get to chat with your NZ friend regularly on the phone/email etc! The course needs some urgent attention from me. I’ve finished Module 5 but I have six more modules to do. I’m meant to get it all done by 30 April but apparently we do get a free 3 month extension. After that you have to pay for an extension. To complete the assignments need a lot of time and focus which makes it very hard for me to multi-task … eg blog and do my assignments + all the rest us mums do! I did well in my Module 5 assignment (results are back) so that is a relief. Starting Module 6 very soon! 🙂 xo