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First Love

And then one day she was a young woman

In love for the very first time

She glowed and laughed and was beautiful

Every spare moment was spent together

They couldn’t get enough of each other

Gifts and love notes, racing hearts and fireworks

A year and a half of love and laughter

Kindred spirits with the same interests and humour

Then one day it unexpectedly ended, leaving her heartbroken

There’s a hole in her life that is achingly empty

There are tears, anger, determined strength and self pride

As the end of a treasured first love is processed

I feel every emotion that she feels, I love her so

I’ve had heartbreak too in my younger years

but she handles it with so much more grace than I ever did

So proud

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    • You’re on the mark Janet … but it’s not me. You know how tricky it is when you have ‘young adults’. I didn’t want to make it too obviously her in case she reads it and gets upset with me. I have felt all of her pain. I’ve been there myself in the past *sigh*!!


  1. Ahh young love and first love is so difficult and heartbreaking. I hope the person you write about is doing okay 🙂


  2. First love is so precious. I guess I am very fortunate that the only man I have ever dated is my husband, so I am still in love with my first love.
    Hope her tender heart heals soon


    • Thanks Georgia. It certainly isn’t an easy thing to come to terms with, particularly after 1 1/2 years but she is doing extraordinarily well. I’m so proud of her 🙂 xo


      • It sounds like she’s got great support in you as she goes through this tough time. I’m certain that your support will make a huge difference in how she deals with her heartbreak. xx


    • All those emotions of heartache of my youth came flooding back too Grace. I guess that was a good thing though, because I understood what she was feeling so precisely and could be a good shoulder and support to her through this 🙂 xo


  3. This is just so beautiful written. I hope my own daughter is able to handle her first heartache when inevitably it comes along with more grace and maturity than I did. You have obviously done a marvellous job as her mum and her mentor 🙂


    • Thanks so much Lizzy. Sometimes you wish you could protect your kids from all these things that life throws at us but you can’t. They have to go through them as we did. We just have to be there to help them through. She has handled it with so much more grace and maturity than I ever did. I’m sure your daughter will too 😉 xo


  4. Hi Min! I read this post when you published it but I’m just getting around commenting today. My parents are now back to Canada and I’m just getting back into the blogging world today. This post is so beautifully written. I remember my first heartbreak, it was so hard… I’m sending positive thoughts and love from Melbourne to your daughter.


    • Hi Rita – I hope you’re not missing your parents too much! Thank you for the compliment on the post! MissM is just fine now – a few days to come to terms with it and she is great now. She’s amazing! Totally not the scenario I remember from my first heartbreak! lol xo