365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Days 333 to 336

New Years Eve

365 Grateful – Day 333:  I’m grateful to have spent New Years Eve 2013 with all four of my siblings.  My brother and three sisters were all at my house (plus some spouses and a niece and nephew).  It is very rare indeed that all five of us get together these days.  We had a great night chatting, swimming and eating.


365 Grateful – Day 334:  Following a very big thunderstorm, I was awestruck and grateful for the colours displayed in the sky.  It started as a golden yellow glow, then was a bright orange colour and just before dark, it was as you see in the photograph above.


365 Grateful – Day 335:  I’m very grateful that my seedlings are doing very well.  These are the Cleomie’s.  The Marigolds are doing even better.  The Nasturtiums still have quite a way to go, with only one seedling to be seen so far.


365 Grateful – Day 336:  Grateful for some store bought sunshine (in the form of lovely yellow flowers) to perk me up on a day I’m feeling a little bit low.

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