365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Days 326 to 332

I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends!  I thought I might squeeze one more Grateful post into 2013! 🙂


cavalier king charles spaniel

365 Grateful – Day 326:  I’m very grateful that this little girl (Ava) came into my life.  She is 15 months old now and has grown to have such a sweet, loveable personality.  She is the best companion and friend a girl could ask for.

seedlings, marigolds

365 Grateful – Day 327:  I’m super grateful to see some action happening with the seeds I planted (refer to this post and this post).  The Marigolds are in the lead, being the first seeds to sprout!

fan palm

365 Grateful – Day 328:  Nature never ceases to amaze me.  This new little stand alone fan shaped leaf on a fan palm in the front garden jumped out at me.  It’s so precisely put together and very distinct from the rest of the large clumped plant because it has not yet separated into the usual leaf shape.  With the backdrop of my beautiful potted begonia’s it has a very oriental impact.  As always, I am grateful for natures little treats and surprises.  You’ve just got to be observant and appreciate the little joys that are out there!


365 Grateful – Day 329:  I love this little pot of a few different cacti varieties cohabitating harmoniously together, creating a little fusion of varying shapes and textures.  It’s a little treat as you wander down the stone pathway to the letterbox.  Another little self-created piece of joy to be grateful for.  You’ll notice that Ava photobombed my photo.  I had a few other shots without her in it but I chose this one because having her in there just adds to the authenticity and joy of exploring the home garden!

teapot, tea set

365 Grateful – Day 330:  There is a bit of a story to how I ended up with this new teapot and four cups … but needless to say … I’m very grateful to have them!  They are bright and cheerful and lovely to look at AND the teapot has an infuser so I am now very keen to experiment with different teas and become a tea lover!

tea, green tea

365 Grateful – Day 331:  As a follow on from Day 330, I am grateful to have my first lot of tea to trial.  I haven’t yet but i will let you know what I think when I do!  It is Green Tea called ‘Green Rose’.  Here is a description:  A sencha base with currants, mango, papaya and rose is a sweet, fruity elixir. The tropical fruit flavours combine with rose for a complex and engaging brew. Bold and pronounced flavours that sing in harmony with grassy green tea. Well-balanced fruitiness that finishes with pretty petals makes for a flavour-filled cup that’s delicious hot or iced.

Christmas table

365 Grateful – Day 332:  I’m grateful to have spent Christmas day with my family.  I’m grateful my Dad has recovered from recent illness and was well and able to enjoy the day.  The photograph is of the dining table at Mum and Dad’s house where we ate Christmas lunch. 🙂


I’ll probably post again before the new year – to wish everyone every best wishes in the world that 2014 will be fabulous for all of us!

Until then, if you are on holidays – enjoy!  If not, find some joy in every day!

Ciao for now,

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  1. That palm leave does leaf does look amazing! I’m so glad that your Dad has recovered and that your Christmas was wonderful. Wishing you the best for the New Year.