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Sale at Robin’s Kitchen

This post is for any Aussie readers.

You may already have read about it or seen it on the news – but Robin’s Kitchen is sadly shutting down on Christmas Eve.  I love this shop so am very sad to hear this news – especially because there is a Robin’s Kitchen shop local to me.  Here’s an article and a letter that explain the situation with Robin’s Kitchen:

Courier Mail Article

Letter from Administrator to Creditors and Suppliers

Meanwhile, Robin’s Kitchen are having a sale with up to 70% off.   If you still have Christmas gifts to buy or would like to treat yourself – here is a great opportunity!  You can browze what they have on-line but given the current situation, I highly recommend that you don’t buy on-line but rather directly from a shop.  In case you haven’t read the article above – DO NOT BUY GIFT VOUCHERS OR DO LAY-BY’S!

I just happened to be near my local Robin’s Kitchen yesterday and saw the ‘up to 70% off sale sign’.  I’ve always wanted a mortar and pestle so I looked around for one and what do you know … I found one!  I was hoping it would have a full 70% off but sadly that was not the case.  However, I did get it a little cheaper than full price.  Now I will have to find some recipes where I get to use it!

mortar and pestle

mortar and pestle

Min Signature - Dec13

This is not a sponsored post
I just thought I’d share and I happen to like Robin’s Kitchen
and am sad that it is closing up 😦

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    • Thanks Em. That shop has been around for ages so yes very sad. Just thought I’d share that there is a big sale – great bargains to be got – perfect for last minute chrissy presents or a little xmas treat for oneself 🙂 x


  1. Sorry to hear that one of your favourite shops is closing up. That’s never good to hear. Looks like they have some great sale items up for grabs. Hope you have a fabulous Christmas and a super successful 2014.