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Crazy times but it’s all good!

The Christmas season can sometimes get a little crazy!  There are usually lots of parties, too much food, too much alcohol, lots of shopping for gifts (shopping centres and parking wars!), money stress (all that spending!), what to wear to each event (not to mention Christmas day), cooking to do, decorating to be done and more!  Those with kids still at school (mine are finished – hooray!!) also have all the end of school year functions to attend!  Juggle all that with all our normal day-to-day tasks and the sweltering heat we have here in Queensland and one can get quite worn out, frazzled and stressed!


This year is a little less stressful for me than years of the past.

  • Firstly, I have no kids left at school so I didn’t have speech nights, performance nights, carols nights, parent/teacher nights, schoolies or anything like that to attend, prepare for or worry about!
  • Christmas tree and decorations went up early December, with a little help from MissM.
  • I have done all my Christmas shopping!  Yay!  (oh I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone)
  • I’m no longer working in my corporate job so no work Christmas parties to tire me out and bloat me out!
  • I’ve been to two Christmas parties so far.  One dinner out with MrMM’s Wednesday night tennis team and one Christmas lunch party at my mother-in-law’s retirement home.
  • I’ve got two dinners out and two lunches out to go to before Christmas day.  No problem.  Looking forward to them!
  • This year we only have one event to attend on Christmas day.  We are going to my parent’s house for Christmas lunch.  Usually, we have lunch with MrMM’s family and then dinner with mine, but MrMM’s family are spreading far and wide this year for Christmas.  We do, however, have a pre-Christmas get together with them tomorrow night.
  • I have wrapped all the gifts (except the ones for my children which I do at night locked in my bedroom).  Evidence below!

Christmas Tree and Gifts

  • I don’t have much cooking to do.  All I have to cook is some mini-quiches to take along to tomorrow night’s pre-Christmas get together.  My mum is cooking a hot Christmas lunch on Christmas day and didn’t want me to bring anything.  By the way … my mini quiches are SO easy to make and always a big hit with whoever eats them.  I might post the recipe on the blog at some point!
  • I have a new car!  That is super exciting and nothing can dampen my spirits at the moment!  It is a dream to drive and I am one thrilled gal!  If you didn’t know, my last car was written off after a lady driving a 4WD slammed into the back of me when I was stationary.  I wrote about it here.  Anyway, here is a snap I took with my phone of my new VW Jetta (not brand new but 2009).

VW Jetta

How are you travelling?  All organised and on track … or are you a worn out and stressed wreck?   Either way, give yourself a little time out.  Sit and relax for a bit.  Sip on a champagne or wine.  Listen to some Christmas Carols – helps get you in the Christmas spirit!  😉  Go on … You deserve it!

I must admit, sometimes I yearn for Christmas as it was when I was a kid.  There was no stress and no jobs to be done.  It was all excited anticipation!!

Only 9 sleeps till Christmas.  I still can’t believe we are at this time of the year already!

I hope that everyone who reads this has a wonderful Christmas day and that at least a little bit of that inner child comes forth and feels EXCITED!  😉

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  1. I am a bit tired but it is just the extra work we have to do at this time of the year,My kids are in their 20s like yours so not as MUCH to do x


    • Yes I’m a bit tired too Lisa – so much additional stuff going on. I’m grateful that there weren’t the zillion school events to go to. They used to wear me out before we even got to Xmas!! xo


  2. How exciting that you have a new car – and just in time for Christmas! But how horrible and stressful and scary that someone drove into the back of you. Thank goodness that’s all behind you. Please do post the recipe for those mini quiches sometime … I’m always at a loss when I have to whip up something savoury for an event at my son’s school. Everyone seems to bring either sandwiches or chips and it would be great to do something a bit different. I’m sure the kids have got sandwiches and chips coming out of their ears right about now! Merry Christmas to you and your family 🙂 xx


  3. So glad you are having a lovely lead up to Christmas. It’s so much nicer when the stress is low and the joy is high.
    I’m feeling super relaxed. All presents were wrapped and under the tree at the beginning of December.
    Essential baking is in the freezer.
    I’ve written a plan for Christmas day so I know what need to be cooked and when.
    So tonight, carols with my gorgeous husband and daughter, a picnic and extending the joy of the season.
    Have a lovely Christmas day xxx


  4. Nice that you’re on track! It’s a great feeling, isn’t it?
    I think I’m on track but I have this niggly feeling that I’m going to forget something…I hope it’s just a feeling! Merry Christmas!


    • Yes it’s a great feeling Grace! I’m sure it’s just a feeling you have and that you haven’t forgotten anything at all 😉 Merry Christmas to you and hubby and those gorgeous twinions of yours! Min xo