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Can you believe it is December and therefore not long till Christmas?  That crept up fast didn’t it?!

I’ve been so busy with my twin’s 21st (amongst other things) that December arrived before I knew it!  I am not prepared at all for Christmas yet.  Thank goodness we still have a few weeks to go!

I was thinking about the word CHRISTMAS today and decided to write down the first word that came to mind (that relates to Christmas) for every letter of the word CHRISTMAS.   Then I turned my words into the image you see below.

Christmas words

Children – Christmas is so exciting for children.  Watching their joy and excitement is what I love about Christmas and their excitement is so infectious!  Christmas brings back so many wonderful memories from when I was a child myself.  I remember eagerly and excitedly going to bed on Christmas Eve when told to because Santa didn’t come to children if they were awake.  I hoped and prayed that I would be asleep when Santa came.  I always was!  I am sure I heard Santa’s sleigh bells one year though.  I was sure I did.  Maybe it was in a dream?

Holidays – Christmas is usually followed with some wonderful holidays.  There are public holidays and hopefully some Recreation Leave as well.  It’s always been a wonderful opportunity to rest and rejuvenate before the start of the new year.  Most of my holidays away at this time of year have been spent at the beach.

Relatives –  Christmas is the time of year where you get together with relatives.  Those that you might see quite regularly and those that you might only see at this time of year!  Christmas is about family.

Inspiration –  There is something about Christmas that makes me feel like the slate has been wiped clear and that I can start afresh for the new year to come.  The time spent with family, the giving and receiving, the time out from the normal day-to-day activities, provides time, space and impetus for inspiration to take hold and new goals to form all with a renewed energy.

Santa – I cannot think of Christmas without thinking about Santa.  Santa was such a huge part of my childhood and my children’s childhood.  There are quite a few Santa’s around my house at Christmas time!

Turkey – There is always some delicious turkey to consume at Christmas (along with some yummy Cranberry Sauce)!

Memories – Christmas is full of memories of all the Christmas’s of the past.  I have memories of my Christmas’s as a child, my Christmas’s when my children were little and all the Christmas’s in-between.  Christmas is about creating memories for our families.  Christmas is about traditions.  Many of my own family traditions were brought into my children’s lives and will be passed on to become a part of their children’s lives.

Ample Food – Oh my goodness.  Christmas usually involves a lot of food and a lot of eating.  Usually I roll into bed on Christmas night and swear that I will not eat for a month.  However, the next day I usually find myself tucking into some Christmas leftovers!

Swimming – In Australia, Christmas Day is usually a steaming hot humid day!  If you are anywhere near a pool you are usually in it.  If you don’t have access to a pool than you will most likely be cooling down with a hose or a sprinkler or you are in some air-conditioning!


So those are the first words that came to mind for me when thinking of each letter of the word CHRISTMAS.  Of course, some other words have come to mind since like … Christ for C, Tradition for T, Angels for A, Summer for S.

What about you?  What words first come to mind for you for each letter of the word CHRISTMAS?  I challenge you to make your own Christmas tree with them like I did.  Doesn’t matter if some or all of your words are the same as mine.  Your reflections on why may be entirely different.  Let me know if you do this!

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  1. What a lovely list!

    I think it’s interesting your inspiration comment. Around the world this is a time of renewal and rebirth traditions – but, in most of those traditions, they come in the middle of winter, when the days are just past their shortest and starting to get longer again. But here in Australia we are in the middle of summer and as you say – usually it’s hot and humid on Christmas day!

    But, it’s still works. It still feels like a time to reflect and regroup, when the slate’s wiped clean and you can start fresh.

    i will take up your challenge with the CHRISTMAS words, but later – right now, lunch calls!

    Hi, by the way! I just popped over from IBOT. I would also like to invite you to add this link to my Simple Seasonal Goodness linky at – I’ll be highlighting some of the posts in my emails to my list over the coming weeks, and reposting the whole list before Christmas.


    • Thanks Kirsten, I totally agree that Christmas feels like a time to reflect and regroup. I’m so excited you’ve decided to take up the challenge. Can’t wait to see! I’d love to link up with your linky – I’ll pop over there now. Min xo


  2. I love your acrostic – what a great idea for a fun learning activity. My words would be: Carols, Holly, Reindeer, Indigestion (after Christmas lunch), Stockings (as in Christmas stockings!), Tinsel, Mass, Ate-too-much (is that allowed??) and Stuffed (after eating too much:)


    • Thanks Lizzy! I love your words! I never thought of carols, holly, reindeer, indigestion, tinsel, mass or stuffed! I had thought of stockings and ate-too-much (which is totally fine to use) is very much like my ample food! Min xo


    • Thanks Deb. I’d love to see the advent activity you use this for. Signed up for your free eBook today and look forward to reading through all the stories. You have many of the same interests as me you know 😉 Min xo


  3. What a lovely idea! I must confess I’m a bit in denial about Christmas this year. Here’s a telling glimpse into my state of mind: the first word I thought of for a Christmas acrostic was “C is for CRAP!!!! I’m not ready for this yet!!!!” LOL


  4. This is such a gorgeous thing to do! I always do Christmas acrostic poems with my Grade 2 class and it’s so cute seeing what they come up with! For me it would be celebrating, relaxing and holidays!


  5. I’m in denial about Christmas because it means the end of the year is upon us. And I have loved this year. I don’t really celebrate Christmas so all I can think of is Chocolate…for some reason, everyone seems to gift a lot of chocolate around this time of the year. Not good for someone with a sweet tooth! 😀


    • It’s great to hear that 2013 has been a good year for you! I’m sure 2014 will be too. Yes there does seem to be a lot of chocolate around this time of year. Not good for me either … I’m not necessarily a sweet tooth but I have a weakness for chocolate!! xo


  6. Aren’t you a clever clogs making that? How awesome is it? The first thing I think of is the smiles on my children’s faces at everything xmas! And walking down the hill near our house to see a house that is FULLY decorated, from top to toe – it’s quite something! x


    • Not that clever really Em – it just seemed like something to do! lol Smiling faces on children is definately what i think of at Christmas and yes love looking at Xmas lights. Many houses in our street go all out. We have no outdoor xmas lights (just some on our xmas tree and across the front window) – makes me feel like a bit of a spoil sport but I just can’t justify the expense and effort. I enjoy everyone else’s decorated houses though! 🙂 xo


  7. Lovely i will have to try this at home i will let you know how i go ,yes it creeps up very fast and with your twins 21st birthdays i am sure it seems even faster.