365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Days 311 to 316

A grateful post is long overdue, but I’ve been holding on to the hope that with my next one I could include gratitude for my dad’s improving health and am very happy to now be able to do so!

I know there are many nature photographs within my grateful posts but that is because many of the things that make me happy and that I am grateful for come back to nature. The beauty of nature calms and uplifts me.  Each lot of grateful posts I do include what has made me happy and grateful in the preceding days … and you can bet your bottom dollar that many of those days will include something to do with nature … but not all! 😉

kalanchoe, flowers

365 Grateful – Day 311:  I bought this beautiful Kalanchoe quite some time ago and noticed recently it was looking quite dead!  It had finished flowering and was not looking very happy.  I gave it a good chop back and am very happy and grateful to see new flowers and healthy leaves.  Little things like this give me such joy!

grass, lawn, turf, sir walter

365 Grateful – Day 312:  Oh my goodness, I do love my new grass!!  Our Sir Walter is thick, green, lush and healthy.  I love to lie on it and look up at the sky, trees and my surrounding flowers and garden.  I have been doing this at least once a day.  It grounds me.  Our previous ‘grass’ was nothing but a few strands, fighting with weeds and trying its best to stay alive.  I had so missed lying and walking barefoot on beautiful thick, healthy grass and am so grateful to now have some! 🙂

garden, dog, cavalier king charles spaniel

365 Grateful – Day 313:  I love afternoon play time out in the front yard with the dogs.  This is Ava chewing on a seed pod fallen from the Leopard tree on our footpath.  We throw the ball around, roll around and play wrestle on the grass, soak up the fresh air and just breathe.  I’m so grateful that we have put the effort in to makeover our front yard so that it is now a fenced and dog-safe pretty little oasis!

Agapanthus, flower, purple

365 Grateful – Day 314:  It’s just an Agapanthus flower right?  Wrong!  It’s my FIRST Agapanthus flower and it is still in its pot waiting to be planted.  This flower has given me such a thrill.  I’m easily thrilled LOL!  I have a whole heap of Agapanthus waiting to be planted on the outside of our new front picket fence.  We have yet to dig the garden bed for them.  Meanwhile, I’m grateful they are happy and doing well while they wait!

hydrangeas, flowers

365 Grateful – Day 315:  I’ve used this photograph on my blog already (here) but I had to use it again for a grateful photo because the Hydrangeas that I bought have bought me such joy!  They are beautiful! 🙂


365 Grateful – Day 316:  This photograph was taken with my sister’s phone by a waitress at the restaurant where we celebrated Dad’s 83rd birthday on Friday night 1 November 2013.  Mum and Dad and all five of their children were at dinner together and we all stayed the night at Mum and Dad’s home – our childhood home – a special and very rare event.  Little did we know that exactly one week later on Friday 8 November, Dad would be admitted to hospital in a lot of pain … or that surgery would follow and that we would all be so worried and frightened for him.  It’s not a very good photograph but I’m so grateful for it.  I wish that we had taken more with a proper camera.  I’m so happy and grateful to be able to say that Dad is now on the road to recovery!!

For privacy reasons I’ve blurred all faces except my own.  Here’s a rundown of who is who:  1. Dad, 2. Mum, 3. Me, 4. Sister 2, 5. Brother, 6. Sister 3, 7. Sister 4.

Wishing you all good health and happy days!


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    • Thanks Em … I love my Sir Walter grass. Never knew grass could make me so happy! lol So grateful that both are dads are now doing ok. My dad is still in hospital but hopefully will be out either tomorrow or Saturday. He’s on the mend but still very weak. xo


  1. I am so pleased to hear your Dad is getting better Min and your pics are beautiful xx