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Recently when I was on Facebook, I went to check the page of a friend to see how she was.  I knew she’d been unwell and was interested to see if things had improved for her.  It was then I discovered she had unfriended me.

I’m not upset about it.  Not at all!!


No truly, I’m not upset.  We weren’t close friends.  In fact, she is a person who I met during a particular phase of my life and our paths crossed quite frequently during that time.  Our paths don’t cross anymore.  The fact that our paths no longer cross though doesn’t mean I’ve lost interest in her.  I have been concerned for her as she has had major health issues.

I wonder what it was that made her decide to unfriend me?  Was it simply because we no longer have that commonality where we saw each other more frequently?  Was it because of something I said, didn’t say, did or didn’t do?  Was she just streamlining her FB friends and I happened to be one the ones that had to go?  Am I annoying?!!

facebook unfriended

Don’t worry – I’m not dwelling on the ‘unfriending’ but this did get me thinking about why I might unfriend someone.  I first joined Facebook way back on 20 August 2007 at the urging of a girlfriend who said it was great fun.  I had no idea what Facebook really was.  I thought it was a place where you could play games with friends and in all honesty I thought it was all a bit stupid.  I wasn’t very interested at first and hardly ever spent any time on it.  Eventually, after being invited to play some games, I started playing a few now and then.  In the process of playing those games I needed to add friends to make it possible.  Many friends added were people from all over the world who I didn’t know.  This made me a bit nervous!  I made sure my privacy settings were set so that they couldn’t see anything on my profile page or any photographs I added but yet could still play the games with me.

Apart from ‘Words with Friends’ which I play on my phone (I love word games) with people who I actually know, I don’t play games on Facebook anymore.  Facebook now is a place where I can keep in touch with my friends and family far and wide and of course my MinsMash page is all part and parcel of my blog.  Those friends that were added for the purpose of playing games have since been ‘unfriended’.  That is one reason I have unfriended someone.

words with friends

New friends have been added as I have gone through various phases of my life.  Work friends from various work places, friends from activities I might do outside the home etc.  The only reason I would unfriend any of these people is if I found what they post continuously offensive and/or annoying or if what they posted was consistently negative.  I don’t recall having to unfriend for any of these reasons so far.

So tell me…..have you been unfriended? What would make you unfriend someone on Facebook?


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  1. Ah, the controversial ordeal of “unfriending”. It’s funny how we don’t realize we’ve been unfriended until we check out that person’s page, or try to, and realize we are no longer friends. I recently went a month w/o Facebook and at the end, realized I didn’t even want to be on the site at all and deleted my account!


  2. I must admit that finding I’ve been unfriended can be really hurtful – depending on the circumstances. Sometimes it’s because we were never really that close (understandable). A recent one was due to a very hurtful situation with my ex-partners daughters and they both unfriended me due to a misunderstanding. That one did really hurt!

    I tend to just let it go though – there’s not much I can do about it, and no point in dwelling on it.

    Much love,
    Meg ♥


    • Hi Meg! I haven’t seen you about for some time. I hope all is well in your world and you are happy 🙂 I think unfriending would be hurtful if it were someone you considered a good friend who did it (like the example you gave). Otherwise, I don’t really care. I have many ‘acquaintances’ that are my FB friend but they never say anything on my page. I think they just like a bit of a sticky beak to see what I’m up to. As you said, it’s not worth dwelling on. I don’t really post that much on my personal FB page anyway these days. Lovely to hear from you! Min xo


  3. I have streamlined my friends a couple of years back, I had more than 500 and my newsfeed was just crazy. I wanted it to be less than 100 – didn’t quite manage it and it’s now back up to about 150. Miss Almost 17 has about 2000 – now THAT’S madness!


    • I’ve got my FB friends (on my personal page) down to about 70, but I think that I might get a little tougher. Too many never interact with me and just stalk. Will give some thought to whether to cut back some more 😉 2000 would drive me crazy! My daughter has a huge amount too!


  4. My rule is that if someone hasn’t like or commented or done anything with our FB ‘friendship’ then they get the punt. I’m not here just for long lost people to not comment and stalk me! Love your attitude!! xx


    • I’m thinking that I might have to adopt your rule Em. I have so many FB friends who never, ever comment or interact with me on FB. I’m sure they are just hanging about to spy on me. xo


  5. I have unfriended people that have been rude or make overtly sexy comments ,I suppose I should feel lucky but it was just icky to me!I have friends on FB I have known for years and are my real friends and others I have never met in person.