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{Updated} Many thoughts could make all the difference

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I wasn’t going to say anything on Facebook or my blog (but I am) about this because it is a private family matter … but I figured that if many people could have my Dad in their thoughts and prayers, it might just make all the difference and I really want him well again really soon.

I won’t go into all the detail … but my Dad was admitted to hospital late last week in a lot of pain, bloated and vomiting.  After many tests, it was determined that the problem was his gall bladder.  He had a stroke some years back and has been on Warfarin since (to thin his blood) so surgery can’t take place until the Warfarin is gone from his system (otherwise dangerous risk of profuse bleeding during surgery).  Meanwhile, he has two injections a day to ensure that his blood doesn’t clot.  He will need to go back on the Warfarin at some point post surgery.  Keyhole surgery was planned for Tuesday … tomorrow.

He had intially been on morphine for the pain and has not been allowed eat any food … only liquids.  The pain eased and panadol was enough to keep him reasonably pain free.  I visited him yesterday morning and apart from a bit of shortness of breath he seemed reasonably comfortable.  My worry had lessened and I felt quite comfortable that following surgery he will be ok.

Unfortunately, the severe pain and bloating is back, along with a temperature and shortness of breath.  He is back on morphine and IV antibiotics and has to undergo more tests.  He can have no food or liquids at the moment.  My worry levels have escalated!  I am unsure at this point if surgery will go ahead tomorrow.  I’m waiting to hear more news.

We only recently celebrated my Dad’s 83rd birthday.  He was fit as a fiddle on that day.  How quickly things can turn!  I may be 49 and he may be 83 but I feel the same as if I was 20 and he was 54.  It’s no different.  He is my Dad.  I love him so much.  I want him with me as long as possible and right now, I just want him out of pain and well again.

If you could hold him in your thoughts and prayers, I’d be forever grateful.

Many, many thanks!


UPDATE – 13/11/2013:  Thank you to everyone who has shown me and my family such compassion and kindness via your likes and comments both on here, Facebook and on Instagram.  The genuine concern and kind words means more to me than you will ever know.  As you might understand, with my Dad being 83, any illness or surgery is cause for great concern.

Dad had surgery at 3pm yesterday afternoon.  He was a very sick man on that day with a high temp, bad pain and bloating.  Nevertheless the surgery had to go ahead as it was urgent to get the gall bladder out.  They successfully removed the gall bladder but unfortunately one gall stone escaped and that will need to be located and extracted soon.  They will be doing this via an endoscopy tomorrow.  The doctor said the gall bladder was on the verge of bursting.  It was extremely diseased and gangrenous!

Dad is still very sick.  He has very low oxygen levels and so is on oxygen via his nose. He is still on antibiotics and morphine via an IV.  The bloating is still very bad – putting pressure on his lungs and making his breathing difficult.  He has a drain in the surgical site and there is lots of the bad stuff coming out through that.  I spoke to Dad briefly and his voice sounds weak and short of breath.

Dad is very tired and too sick for visitors at the moment (apart from Mum) but I am going up to see him tomorrow morning.  I need to see him.  As you can see, this was not the normal removal of a gall bladder situation and recovery will be slow.  If  you could continue to send positive, healing and recovery thoughts it would be so appreciated.

Many thanks,  Min xo

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    • Thank you Rita! Last I heard, Dad will be having the surgery at some point late tomorrow afternoon. It’s no secret I can be a worrier, but my worry went into a bit of overdrive when I heard the pain was back and he had a temperature. There’s obviously infection, so the sooner the gall bladder is out the better. Thank you again. xoxo


  1. You are in my thoughts. My uncle just had his gallbadder removed yesterday and my dad came up trumps after his heart procedure today, although a little sore and had a few probs on table but spoke with him so YAY. You have my health wishes now lovely xxx


    • Hi Em – so happy to hear your dad is doing well after his heart procedure – YAY! I was thinking of your dad yesterday. I’ve put an update on the bottom of this post as to how dad is going post surgery. Thank you for having him in your thoughts! xo


  2. Hi Min, I am so sorry to hear that Uncle Kevin is so unwell. Please give him our love, we will keep him in our prayers. Love Christine, Shane, Jess & Matt xxxx


  3. Hi Min hopefully when the antibiotics kick in he will start to get a bit better ,though surgery takes its toll on the body,I have been sending good vibes his way and I hope he is on the mend soon xo


    • Thanks Lisa – the antibiotics will definately be helping but it’s been one concern after another. Too much to do another update. I want my next update to be a good news one. Keep sending those good vibes his way. You’re a gem – thank you! xoxo