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Yesterday was not such a good day!

I could have called this post “Hydrangeas, Whiplash and Childhood Beds” but that would be getting a bit repetitive and boring as my last post was a mix of words like that.  So I went with a more dramatic title which of course will draw millions of people to my blog to find out WHY yesterday was not such a good day!   No?  😉

Yesterday started out ok.  I had an appointment in the morning and so went to that and then came home and did some general domestic tidying and such and had some lunch.  My daughter was starting a new job on this day which will be at all sorts of different locations.  Yesterday’s location was at a suburb about a 20-30 minute drive from here.  I told her that I’d drive her and pick her up so that we were both familiar with the location and could then feel better about her driving there herself next time.  She only just recently got her driver’s licence.

So I’d dropped MissM at her work location and decided that rather than go all the way home (only to have to be back in 2 hours), I’d go half way home and look around some shops until it was time to head back to get her.  I went to Pet Barn and found dog bedding on sale so bought a new mattress for the dog crate and a new bed for the dogs to lie on in our family room.  I then went and checked out lighting at Beacon Lighting – just coz I love lighting!  Then I decided to go to Bunnings for a loo stop and a coffee.  Of course when I walked in … I was stopped in my tracks by this beautiful display…..


…..gorgeous Hydrangea’s!!!  I must confess though, that this photo was taken after the BEST four hydrangea plants had been nabbed by me and safely nestled on a quickly obtained trolley 🙂   I could not resist!  I still have heaps of empty spaces in my new front garden and I have always had a soft spot for Hydrangeas.  I know just the perfect spot for them.

So, after the unexpected nabbing of four beautiful Hydrangea plants, I went to the ladies loo and then stopped at the cafe for a coffee.  Finally, it was time to get moving.  I paid for my plants, loaded them lovingly onto the back seat of my car – to keep the new pet beds company and set off to pick up MissM.

I was sitting at the exit from Bunnings – at Cannon Hill for those Brisbane people familiar with the area – waiting for a break in traffic to turn into Creek Road.  The car in front of me had gone.  I inched forward and stopped to survey the situation.  The oncoming traffic was too close for me to pull out, so my foot was on the brake waiting for the next break in traffic.  Next thing I know – it felt like a SEMI-TRAILER slammed into the back of me!  In actual fact, a 4WD slammed into the back of me.  She thought I’d taken off with the car in front of me and wasn’t looking.  Not sure how fast she was going but the impact was intense.

I think I sat there for a while in a bit of shock, trying to absorb what had just happened.  I noticed I had broken a nail (horror of horrors!!).  I also noticed that my neck and back were hurting.   I recognised that I was a bit ‘shook up’.  I had thoughts of concern for my newly purchased Hydrangea’s.  Then I thought – OMG how bad is the car?!  Finally it registered that perhaps I should reverse my car over to the side and get it out of the way.  I noticed that the 4WD driver had pulled over.  We exchanged details.  She admitted she was at fault.  My car had lots of damage to the back-end.  Her car had no damage.  She had three kids in her car who found the whole thing very exciting.  One of her little boys picked up a bit of my back left hand tail light off the ground and asked if he could keep it.  “Sure mate, you can have it” I said.  They were cute kids – they kept apologising for the damage to my car and teasing their mother that she would have to tell their father.

When I first got out of my car and approached the driver of the 4WD I felt anger….but then I tried to be more ‘mindful’ and think of how awful the whole thing would be for her too.  I’m glad I managed to do this as our conversation was amicable and pleasant and though she kept apologising to me, I told her “not to worry – these things happen – the  main thing is that everyone is ok”.

So after exchanging details etc and being reassured by a few people that my car looked safe enough to drive, I went and picked up my daughter and then came home.  While I was waiting for my daughter, I phoned my husband to fill him in on what had happened.

Here are some phone snaps of my car when I got home.

Car back(Notice the hydrangea’s still on the back seat!  It’s a miracle that the glass didn’t break/shatter in the rear window!)

Car left

Car right

I purchased this car from my sister when she upgraded a few years back.  This car was going to be purchased (at family rates) by my daughter and I was going to get a new car (not a brand new car).  I drive the family’s 2nd car – the 4 cylinder fuel-efficient general get about car.  It doesn’t look like this plan is going happen now.  We’ve been told that it is highly likely the car will be written off.  The damage doesn’t look all that extensive but considering the car would not be valued above $4,000 – the cost for repairs will far exceed the value of the car.  So sad – it was such a great car!!  Just got a brand new battery, brand new tires *sigh*.

I went to the physio this morning and had a nice massage.  I have to go have an x-ray of my neck – just to be sure no damage.  In case you were worried about my broken fingernail – it sadly had to be amputated … but I have moved on from this and will be just fine!  😉  On a positive note – I’m now perusing the internet for a new car for ME.  My daughter may have to wait longer than expected to get her own car.  She will need to start saving!

So I thought I’d end this post with something pretty after those awful car photo’s.  This is where I would have liked to go after the accident.  I’d have liked to crawl up onto this bed and have my mother fuss over me.  Here are some snaps of my childhood bed and room that I took last weekend when I stayed the night there (as explained in THIS post).

childhood bedThis is my childhood bed.
The decor has changed a bit since when I was little but this is the same bed
I slept in all those years ago and it is in the exact same position as it was then.

childhood bed

childhood roomI shared a room with my sister.
She slept in her old bed and I slept in mine.
She hadn’t made her bed yet *tsk tsk*!!

So the rest of my week has got to better has it not?  I hope you all have a fabulous week!

Ciao for now…


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  1. You didn’t have a good day did you ,I hope your back and neck gets better soon whiplash can be very very painful I had an accident in my 20s in the olden days and mine was bad 8months of physio and now I have disc problems 😦 so take care! Your poor car 😦 I love the hydrangeas though beautiful and your childhood bed very pretty and so cute! I hope you feel better soon Min xx


    • No it wasn’t such a good day Lisa … but looking on the positive side – I did get some beautiful hydrangeas!! 🙂 OMG I’m so sorry to hear that you had bad whiplash and STILL suffer the consequences. How awful! I’m still a bit achy and am off today to have a ‘cervical spine’ x-ray and then back to the physio tomorrow. I think my whiplash is quite minor but you never know. Staying positive 🙂 I think my childhood bedroom is beautiful but then I am a bit biased. It’s such a huge room – they don’t make rooms that size anymore and it’s such a shame. Ciao Lisa xoxo


  2. Oh no for the car… I saw the pictures on Instagram… Thankfully no one was injured. Hope your neck and back will get better soon.
    On a different note, how cute is your childhood bedroom!


    • Very sad about the car Rita. It had four brand new tyres on it. A brand new battery…and I had only just filled the petrol tank that morning. It was to be my daughter’s car and used to be my sisters car. It meant something to us and was such a good car. On the flip side – yes thank god it was not worse and no serious injuries. Glad you like my childhood bedroom. I think it is beautiful! 🙂 xo


    • Thanks Janet! Yes I think the driver was feeling quite bad. She said she hadn’t had an accident since she was a teenager. Hydrangeas are now planted and photo’s on instagram 🙂


  3. What a relief your body wasn’t damaged like the poor car. Good on you for stabilizing your anger BEFORE you spoke. I imagine it would be a hard time to do at such an emotionally charged moment. Car accidents scare the bejeezus out of me – especially ones involving 4wheel drives x


    • Thanks Pip. Yes – very glad I got control of my anger. I was in shock so a bit out of it at the time. Car accidents scare the bejeezus out of me too!!


  4. Oh Min I bet that was freaky hunny! Glad to hear that you weren’t hurt, that is the main, the mum in the 4WD was probably distracted by her three little sh%ts – no lovely angels! And it’s a good excuse to get a new car for sure. My mum LOVES hydranges, don’t they need a lot of water? But well done for not losing your shit at the driver, you are a better person than I lovely 🙂 xx


    • Hi Em – it was a bit of a shock getting slammed in the rear end like that! You wouldn’t believe the story the driver had for the reason she was distracted! Pretty amazing I didn’t lose my *sh@t* at the driver. I would have in the past but these days I am trying to be a better person 🙂 Love my hydrangeas. Don’t know about the water? Anyway they are getting heaps coz we have to water the new grass EVERY DAY so they are getting it too! xoxo


  5. I’m sorry it was such an awful day! How special that you are still able to visit your old house/room tho, we were somewhat nomadic as kids so don’t have the same memories attached to houses 😦


    • It wasn’t the best day but it could have been worse. There are always people having worse days than a bump in the rear end! I am very blessed that my parents are still in my childhood home. It’s so lovely to be able to go visit them there … and it was so surreal to sleep there the other weekend. As I lay in the bed I tried to take my mind back to when I lay there as a child 🙂 So sad you don’t have the same opportunity but I bet you have some really interesting stories to tell of your nomadic childhood! xo


  6. Car accidents are never any fun! I sympathize with you. My eighteen year old car died last month. I was going to drive it forever and except for the body (much like mine) wearing out, the rest of it ran beautifully.
    Glad you are o.k. but disagree with the statement, “Don’t worry about it. Accidents happen.” No, they don’t, and people who are so distracted they CAUSE an accident, NEED to feel bad. If they don’t, they may end up seriously hurting someone. You trying to be a “better” person has nothing to do with keeping her accountable. Anyway, glad you are o.k.


    • Sorry about your 18 yr old car! Mine was 17 yrs old – a 1996 corolla and a damn good car! I understand what you’re saying – yes she did cause the accident and I’m sure she felt bad. She apologised several times. I guess at the time I was mindful of reducing or at least not elevating my own stress levels and being angry doesn’t help with that. Trying to be a better person is for ME not for anyone else. I’m glad i’m ok too! xo