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Angelina, Dad, 21 and Turf

I must confess … there is so much happening in my world at the moment.  Some I can share and some I cannot.   This is why it has been a bit quiet on this here blog of mine!  Hoping to return to more regular posts very soon.

So you’re wondering what Angelina, Dad, 21 and Turf have to do with each other?  Nothing … absolutely nothing … but they are some of the things happening in my world right now.  Let me explain!

Angelina JolieMy daughter’s boyfriend has been cast as an extra in Angelina Jolie’s movie ‘Unbroken’.  He plays an Australian soldier in a Japanese prisoner of war camp.  It is all very exciting!  Filming started today.  He sat at the same table as Angelina for lunch today and had a five-minute conversation with her.  My daughter is on the phone to him now to get the lowdown on what their conversation was all about.  How amazing would that be and what an amazing experience for him to be in this film!

My gorgeous Dad turned 83 on 1 November.  How can he be this age already?  I’m so happy that he is reasonably fit and healthy and pray that he continues to be for a long, long time.  Myself, Dad, Mum, my brother and my three sisters all went out to dinner to celebrate.  Dad was thrilled to have all five of his kids there to celebrate with him.  We all stayed the night at Mum and Dad’s.  That would have to be a first for a long, long time!  We jokingly told them that we all moving back home .. haha!!

My twin boys are turning 21 on 19 November.  I have been madly organising the celebration for their 21st and have still to get their 21st presents.  I cannot believe that they will soon be 21.  It only seems like yesterday they were babies keeping me up all night!

We have beautiful green grass in our new front yard!  This weekend was spent laying it.  Why oh why did we have such curvy garden edges.  So much cutting of turf and fitting it to awkward spaces!  It’s all worth it though – it’s beautiful!  We decided to use ‘Sir Walter’ turf because we wanted something hardy and green.  We didn’t want a high maintenance couch that needed fussing over.  We wanted something that could withstand droughts, water restrictions, sun, shade, the lot!  Have a look at these ‘before’ and ‘after’ phone snaps …

(after removing the horrible weed ridden crappy grass that was originally there)

Front Yard - BEFORE


grass, turf

Have a great week everyone!


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    • Thanks Lydia – gorgeous grass isn’t it 🙂 Thanks also for the birthday wishes for my boys. Very proud. Can’t believe I am the mother of 21 year old twins! Where did the years go? xo


    • Thanks so much Kirsty. I love my picket fence and am so excited to have flowers again after 7 years of being surrounded in mainly palm trees (no flowers). Thanks for the good luck for the 21st … I’ll need it! xo


  1. You chose the best, Sir Walter is the SHIZ Min!!! Happy birthday to your lovely dad, such a nice thing you call stayed over, bet it made him so happy. And WOW I expect a post just about the 5-minute Angelina conversation! Happy birthday to the twins – and ‘birth’ day to you, although I’m sure most of it is a blur xxxx Em


    • Love the way you speak Em LOL. So glad I got the SHIZ of turf! Yay! It was very special all five of us staying over at mum and dad’s 🙂 Ok so my daughter’s BF has spoken to ‘Ange’ a few times now. She finds Australia very hot. She gives advice on breaking into the acting scene and says her first time on a movie set was as an extra too. MissM’s BF was selected as a ‘premium’ extra to sit alongside the STAR in some scenes and he MAY be going to Sydney to shoot some scenes. It’s all so exciting!! xo


  2. how cool is that for your daughter’s boyfriend…(although I am still secretly on team Jen and was devo when her and Brad split! lol)… My sister is due to have twin boys this month sometime! Hope they have a wonderful birthday!


    • lol Zita – I was team Jen too. Awful how Brad left her like that. My daughter’s BF is keeping us SO entertained with all the stories of what goes on on set each day. He has spoken to ‘Ange’ several times now 🙂 Good luck to your sister having twin boys. Hard work but well worth it 🙂 xo


  3. Your new lawn looks so lush! Hope we get some rain soon so it can stay that way without you having to constantly water it. They’ve forecast storms for Monday and Tuesday evening – Tuesday is Miss Almost 17’s formal – she’s having kittens!!!


    • Thanks Janet. OH I cannot wait for that rain … the daily watering is getting a bit old HAHA Good luck to Miss Almost 17 for her formal. I’m sure she will look beautiful and have such a wonderful time. Look forward to seeing some photos! xo


    • Amazing! I’m loving the stories that MissM’s BF tells about life on set. He was over here yesterday morning. He has had many chats with ‘Ange’ and was chosen to be in a couple of scenes with the STAR of the show – so we’ll definately be seeing him in the final movie. Can’t wait to see it! 🙂


  4. Wow the grass looks great! And how super exciting about your daughter’s boyfriend. I remember a girl I went to school with was an extra in one of the new star wars that was partially filmed in Sydney, it was very exciting!


    • Thank you – we’re thrilled with the grass 🙂 Yes very exciting with my daughter’s BF – hearing lots of interesting on set goss! Oooo star wars – that would have been very exciting! xo