365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Days 301 to 310

plane, airport

365 Grateful – Day 301:  After nearly 3 years since I flew off anywhere, I was very grateful for the opportunity to fly to Sydney and spend a week with my sister.  This photo is taken with my phone out the window of the plane just after I boarded.  I was excited but nervous.  Because I don’t fly often…I must confess that I get a little nervous with the take-off’s and landings!!


365 Grateful – Day 302:  My sister lived in different countries in Asia for 10 years.  During that time, I only got to see her when she came for a visit home – which was probably on average once per year – apart from one time when I visited her in Singapore.  Now that she is back in the country and just a short flight away, it was lovely to go for my second visit to her home in Sydney and spend some quality time with her.  She is the second youngest of us five siblings.  I’m the eldest and five years older than her.  Funny how those five years seemed an enormous amount as a kid but insignificant as an adult.

This was a selfie taken with my phone just before the shuttle bus arrived to take me to the airport for my flight home.  My sister is on the left and that is me on the right.


365 Grateful – Day 303:  My sister has a beautiful home!  They just recently extended and renovated.  I was grateful for the beautiful guest room that was mine for the week and to have this absolutely gorgeous chandelier in my room adding a touch of elegance that made me ‘feel good’.  During the day when the sun comes through the window shutters, light reflections of all sorts of beautiful colours are bounced around the room and it’s truly beautiful.  The chandelier also has a dimmer on it so you could adjust the light to your pleasing.  I don’t have any chandeliers in my home but now I really want one…or two! 😉

Shelly Beach building

365 Grateful – Day 304:  Where do you think this photo was taken?  On a greek island perhaps?  Santorini comes to mind for me!  In actual fact, it was taken at Shelly Beach, Sydney!  This poorly travelled middle-aged woman is very grateful for a glimpse of the greek islands at Shelly Beach. 🙂

Manly Beach, Sydney

365 Grateful – Day 305:  My sister lives near Manly Beach, Sydney.  This photograph is of Manly Beach as we were walking around towards Shelly Beach.  How can one not be grateful for the opportunity to see and be at these gorgeous Sydney beaches?! 🙂

Shelly Beach

365 Grateful – Day 306:  This photograph was taken on our walk from Manly Beach to Shelly Beach.  That’s Shelly beach you see in this photograph.  In the foreground on the right there is a wading pool.  The cliff top homes give the whole area a mediterranean feel.  I’m grateful for this day.  It was hot on the walk but gusty.  The scenery was devine and to top it all off, when we reached Shelly Beach we had the most beautiful lunch at Le Kiosk Restaurant followed by a beautiful walk back to Manly.

lunch out at Sydney

365 Grateful – Day 307:  I’m very grateful for all the beautiful lunches out my sister and I had during my week in Sydney.  I tasted some of the most delicious food and the odd glass of Sauvignon Blanc 😉  We ate at some beautiful restaurants,  usually with beachside views and breezes and it was such a lovely, relaxing environment to dine and chat away in.

Collage is a collection of photographs taken with my phone  – hence photo’s do not do the food justice!  Top left is Roasted Octopus Salad served with green beans, potato, pesto, chickpea puree and eggplant caviar, eaten at Whitewater Restaurant, Manly.  Top right is a coffee from Brezel Bar, Manly.  Bottom left is Crispy Skinned Salmon from Le Kiosk Restaurant, Shelly Beach.  Bottom right is a Grilled Chicken Open Sandwich (Rocket, brie, crispy bacon & avocado with a sweet chilli dip and chips) from Wildwater Grill, Dee Why.

Queen Victoria Building, Sydney

365 Grateful – Day 308:  I’d always heard about the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney, and how old and beautiful it is.  I’m grateful that I finally got to see it for myself.  It is indeed beautiful!  I took a series of photographs with my phone and posted them to Instagram.  This is just one of them.  I really, really wish I had my DSLR camera with me!!

Bushfires in Sydney, Sky

365 Grateful – Day 309:  This photograph was taken from the back deck of my sister’s home in Sydney of the sky the day before I left.  It was late afternoon.  The sky looks like that because of all the terrible bush fires which were just starting to become a problem when I was there.  It’s been scary for many, many people – and it’s not over yet.  I’m very grateful to the firefighters and volunteers who work in very trying and often very dangerous conditions to protect property and people.  You are all amazing!


365 Grateful – Day 310:  It’s no secret that here at the MinsMash residence we have been doing a front yard makeover.  We put up a new fence, and have created new garden beds.  I’m still adding plants to those new garden beds, but am sooo grateful to now be able to have some cut flowers – from my own home – in a vase!  After 7 years of being surrounded in only palm trees, this is awesome!!  I’m also very grateful for a new photography trick I have discovered.  Want to know?  Ok … to get a lovely crisp white background in your photograph pop your subject into the bath tub!  Not such a good idea for a large subject but for a smaller subject like the one in this photograph – it works a treat! 🙂

Hope you all have had a great weekend and have a wonderful week ahead!


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  1. I love your photos they are lovely and you and your sister together just beautiful!That house is divine yes you would think Greece or somewhere exotic and Your sisters house looks very nice ,I am a bit jealous that she lives near Manly they would be so lovely and the chandelier is so Pretty.Very sad about the fires we are in the outer suburbs of Sydney nearer the mountains and we are still having smoky hazy days!