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Back Home!

Hello there!  My time in Sydney sped by and is now over – for this visit anyway.  I arrived back in Brisbane on Friday afternoon to rain, glorious rain!  We certainly could do with some more of it – it’s very dry around these parts.  It’s very dry in NSW too and it is very sad to see the terrible bush fires that are going on there right now.  Hats off to the firefighters who are working so hard to fight and contain the fires and I hope with all my heart that even though homes may be lost, let there not be any lives lost.

On a lighter note, my visit to Sydney was very enjoyable.  It was lovely to spend time with my sister and family.  We were out and about every day except my last day but had to fit our outings into school time, making sure we were back to pick up the kids at 3pm.  My sister doesn’t drive so there was LOTS of walking involved – which can only be a good thing because I certainly need the exercise!

I rarely get away, so a trip to Sydney is a bit of a big thing for me.  In fact, I worked out it had been nearly 3 years since I’d been on a plane!  I really must do things like this more often.

It’s been busy since I got home as I arrived to a mountain of washing and a bare pantry and fridge.  The washing is now up to date and the pantry and fridge have been re-stocked.  House needs a good clean – but all in good time!  Thankfully – my garden is still alive! 🙂

I’ve included here a gallery of the photographs I posted to Instagram while I was away (taken with my phone).  I took some photographs on my good camera and will put them in another post when I am a bit more organised.  I didn’t take my good camera with me much as I didn’t want to have to cart it around.  I really must get a cute camera bag so this isn’t a problem in future.


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  1. Welcome home, looks like you had some great fun and make some fantastic memories. All of those photos are familiar to me, my hubby and I lived in Manly before we moved to QLD! Shelly Beach a favourite of ours. I also miss the Victoria Building. Back to reality though now huh! xxx


    • Wow Em – I never knew you once lived in Manly. It’s so beautiful there! What made you come to Queensland? Shelly Beach is very cute and quite secluded. I really liked it but the day we were there it was blowing a gale and there was a massive sand storm outside! LOL Lucky we were tucked away in the restaurant – Le Kiosk – gorgeous food!! xo p.s. yep back to reality the minute the plane’s wheels hit the tarmac!


    • Thanks Janet! Yes I am very happpy with my few purchases. I don’t splash out on myself often but being away on holiday makes me feel like I have license to spend 😉 There’s not too many of the “serious” photographs I’m afraid. We did so much walking that i just didnt want extra’s to carry around. There’s a few though!


  2. Lovely pics Min I followed your adventures on IG and it looks like you had a wonderful time,you should do it more often ,I don’t get to see my sister as much as I would like as she is so busy,but I am going to try and see her more often I miss her x


    • Thanks Lisa and yes i had a wonderful time and you’re right – I need to do it more often! I hope you can manage to see your sister more often. Sisters are the best. No friend is quite like a sister … you can be 100% completely yourself and never be judged and are always forgiven 🙂 xo