365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Days 292 to 300

tendonitis, wrist

365 Grateful – Day 292:  It seems I could never be a cleaner (phew!).  All that cleaning and fussing before my sister’s arrival resulted in sore wrists, though my left wrist is by far the worst.  The soreness increased to full on pain, swelling, and an inability to lift anything with my left hand.  Following a doctor’s visit, it appears likely I have Tendonitis.  I’m on anti-inflammatory tablets and if it doesn’t improve I’ll be going back for an ultrasound.  Nevertheless, I’m very grateful that we had a wrist strap that I could put on my wrist as it makes it feel less vulnerable and helps a bit with the pain!

menu plan

365 Grateful – Day 293:  I used to be the most organised person ever and a pro at multi-tasking, but following events in 2012 and resulting illness, my organisational abilities took a bit of a nose dive!  One thing I am proud of and grateful for is that I still manage to plan all our dinners for the week and grocery shop accordingly.  The image today is this weeks menu plan for our dinners.  It’s not the most exciting week but it’s all planned which makes life SO much easier.  I often swap days around if I want to.  It doesn’t matter because we have all the ingredients on hand.  For any 12WBT people reading this – YES – we still eat a lot of 12WBT meals! 🙂

glass, vase, blue

365 Grateful – Day 294:  I’m grateful to glass blowers!!  I love this vase.  I often sit in my loungeroom with a cuppa in the late afternoon and stare at it as the sun comes in through the front window, highlighting all the bubbles in it.  It’s so pretty!


365 Grateful – Day 295:  My Nasturtiums are growing and happy – yay!  This is a cutting from my sister-in-law’s garden.  I cannot wait till it starts to flower!

pathway, path

365 Grateful – Day 296:  I’m so grateful to see my vision for the front garden starting to take shape.  This photograph is of the pathway to the letterbox in the front yard.  The stone pathway is in place and the ‘whimsical’ planting I had envisaged has commenced! 🙂

seed pods, leopard tree

365 Grateful – Day 297:  These are seed pods that our Leopard tree drops.  They are everywhere!  Most people would be annoyed by them.  I’m not.  I think they are amazing and beautiful!  No two are the same.  They are scattered all over our footpath and our front yard.  My little brain is churning around some ideas to make them into a decorative nature display of some sort in our home! 😉


365 Grateful – Day 298:  I’m constantly in awe and grateful of the surprises that nature gives us.  This is one of my cacti.  It’s shaped liked petals of a flower.  I think it’s beautiful.  It makes me happy to look at it!

certificate, mindfulness meditation

365 Grateful – Day 299:  This is the certificate that participants were presented with at our last Mindfulness Meditation class.  I’ve erased some of the details for privacy reasons, but the important stuff is still there.  I’m so grateful for these classes.  They were so amazingly eye opening (lots of ah ha moments!), informative and fun!  I enjoyed them so much and will miss seeing all the people I saw each week for 7 weeks.

suitcase, travel

365 Grateful – Day 300:  On Sunday I’m flying off to Sydney to spend a week with my sister and family.  I’m grateful to be able to do this and to spend some time with them.  I think a change of scenery will do me wonders and I am SO looking forward to taking some fabulous photographs of beautiful Sydney.


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