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It’s been quite a while since I last posted a quote on my blog.  Not for any other reason than I wasn’t coming across anything new that resonated with me.  Until now.

I came across this quote and whilst I’ve seen some that are similar, this one really struck me.  Why?  Because it made me stop and think … particularly the last part of the quote ‘my reaction to you is an awareness of me’.

The first part of the quote ‘your perception of me is a reflection of you‘ … is a reminder to not be too quick to judge and to also look deep into yourself to understand why you have that particular perception of a person.  Is your perception skewed by jealousy, envy, thinking you are better then them, your own low self-esteem and/or are you too quick to judge a person?  To anyone who has had people perceive them wrongly, it’s also a reminder not to take it to heart.

The second part of the quote ‘my reaction to you is an awareness of me‘ … any reaction you have to a person, be it good or bad, is an opportunity to learn and understand yourself better.  Why did you have that reaction?  By giving it a bit of analysing thought – you may learn what you like in a person and what you dislike in a person and help yourself make better friendship decisions in the future or recognise personality types that require a different tack to interact with (handy to know in the workforce!).  It may highlight some opportunities to improve an aspect of yourself … or simply validate who you are.

Those are my brief thoughts.  Do you have any further thoughts to add?



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  1. I have to make an effort sometimes not to get hurt by how others act or treat me when I have been so caring and helpful. It’s so easy to think it’s something I have done or that they perceive what I have done differently than how I do xx


    • I’m the same Em … which is why I find quotes like this to be great to remind me that often it’s the other persons issues – not me or anything I did 🙂 xo


  2. Thanks, I have been staring at this for a couple months now and I finally gave in and looked it up. It was the second part that bewildered me. Every day brings me a little bit closer to knowing who I am. Be Well, CXO