Ava turned 1!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Dog, 1st Birthday

On 25 September 2013, Ava turned 1!  I forgot to mention that in yesterday’s post.

Gee that year went by fast!  Want to check out some puppy photo’s of her?  Have a look at this post where I first introduced her.  Wasn’t she a gorgeous little puppy?!   She is still gorgeous as a 1-year-old.  We love her to bits! 🙂

Her birthday fell the day after my sister, niece and nephew arrived.  We had an afternoon tea party to celebrate.  We had a birthday cake with a no. 1 candle on it and sang Happy Birthday.  Humans ate cake.  Doggies had a doggie biscuit treat.

Thoughts were also with Ava’s siblings – Tatum (lives with the breeder in Sydney) and Baxter (lives with his owner in Sydney).

Do you celebrate  your pets birthdays?  I don’t always, but usually like to make a bit of a fuss for 1st birthdays … especially when little people are visiting! 😉


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  1. Yes i do and my daughter does too,her dog just turned 1 and he had a party and a hat so cute!


  2. Happy Birthday Ava! Love from sister Tatum, mum Jersey and Grandma Bree xxxxx
    Sorry I’ve not been in to read this for months.


    • Ava is beside herself with excitement at receiving birthday wishes from her family! I passed the message to her and she started doing her excited circles 🙂 Not to worry ’bout not being here to read for a while. You’ve been busy and away with your travels! xo