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Well hello there!

My sister, niece and nephew left on Tuesday night.  I was sad.  You get used to having the company and it left a bit of a hole when they went.  The house seemed so quiet and empty!  I’m just starting to get used to it now – though my daughter has gone away till next Tuesday and my hubby is away on a work trip (back late tonight) so it’s not quite back to normal here.

Since my visitors left I’ve been knee-deep in laundry – all the extra sheets and towels and all the other usual stuff!

clothesline 2

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Thought I’d write a post to catch you up on what’s been going on round here….

I will actually be seeing my sister and family again soon because on Sunday 13 October I am jetting off to Sydney to stay with them for a while!  Aside from looking forward to spending time with them and seeing the renovations/extensions to their house, I’m also looking forward to exploring Sydney a bit more!  Last visit was quite a while ago and there is still so much I haven’t seen.

Meanwhile, it’s time for me to get back on track!  I submitted my Module 4 photography assignment just before they arrived and got great results.  I will need to start reading through Module 5 and preparing for the next assignment.  I’ve got one more beginner’s yoga class to go and then I’m ready to attend regular yoga classes.  There’s also only one more Mindful Meditation class to go.  I missed the last one because it clashed with when my sister was leaving.  I’ll miss these classes and also the people I’ve met while doing them when they end.

There’s been a bit more work done in the front garden.  Some more lovely plants have been planted.  More still needed – but all in good time.  Here’s a few snaps I took this afternoon.  I just love flowers and nature … can you tell?!!


I love me some daisies!  I’ve got some pink daisies in also.  I have a whole section of garden bed that I want filled with daisies!

Verbena flowers, pink, purple

These ‘Verbena’ were an impulse buy (not planned).  The flowers just spoke to me!

succulent, plant

This is a succulent cutting from my mother’s garden.  I’m not sure what it’s called.  I love the pink around the edges and it gets the most glorious flowers!  You can see the flower on this ‘grateful post‘ – it’s day 267!  By the way, if you’re wondering what the marks are towards the top of the photograph – it’s the water from the garden sprinklers which were on when I took the photograph 🙂

Petunias, pink, flowers

Ahhh Petunia’s … I’ve always loved them!  There’s a story behind these Petunia’s.  One day while my sister was here, my Mum and Dad came over and we all went to my favourite local nursery (which is closing down soon) as it has a big sale on.  We made an outing of it and had lunch there at its garden cafe.  My nephew (aged 5) saw me loading up the trolley with an assortment of plants and decided he would like a plant too!  He chose a Petunia – the one you see in the photograph.  It was explained to him that he could have it, but he couldn’t take it home with him on the plane as it is not allowed.  It could be his special plant at Auntie Min’s house.  I promised I would look after it.  He didn’t like this idea at all.  No – he wanted to take it home with him.  We thought we would have a battle on our hands.  Lucky for us, he forgot all about it! 😉  I bought his Petunia a companion (another Petunia plant) and I think I might plant them both here in this large pot out the front which has a Lilly Pilly in it.

It’s been so hot here in Brisbane!  It’s not usually this hot this early!  Where did Spring go?  I’ve even seen Jacaranda trees in flower!  The hot weather was a good thing while I had my visitors – the kids loved it in the pool and spent heaps of time in there.  In fact, between the pool and my two dogs – they were kept very happily amused and entertained.

Well I’d better wrap up this post here before it gets too long.  Time for me to start on dinner.  It’s just me and my boys here for dinner tonight.  I’m cooking Satay Pork and Noodle Stir-Fry – one of our fave’s!  If anyone is interested in the recipe let me know and I’ll put up a recipe post. 🙂

Till next time ….


P.S.  On 25 September, Ava turned 1.

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  1. Oh Min loved that washing shot – it’s like my house EVERY DAY, except lots more small 2 and 4 and 5.5 year old stuff. I love that you are heading to Sydney – and that you’ve had time to get back into photography. Lovely to see your ‘face’ around the traps. Been a hectic month here, but I won’t bore you with details xx


    • There’s washing on my line every day too Em. No more little bitty clothes though *sad sigh*. I’m really looking forward to going to Sydney. My sister lives on the northern beaches – just beautiful. I’ll be taking my camera of course! Thinking of you this morning and hoping there is some positive news xoxo


  2. That is great you had fun with your sister,how wonderful to be seeing her again so soon and you have been very busy!Your pics are lovely and I hope your garden does well and yes please to the recipe.


  3. It’s a sad, empty feeling when family leave after a visit.
    Sounds like you’ve been very busy indeed! Especially with your photography course! Love the daisies. So pretty and just speak of spring!


    • It is isn’t it (sad, empty feeling when family leave) but so looking forward to my trip to Sydney and more time with them. Yes been busy here – the front yard makeover project continues! lol xo


  4. I hope you enjoy your stay in this gorgeous city of ours.
    It sounds like things have been very hectic in your life. Would you want it any other way?


    • I’m sure I will Bec. My sister lives on the Northern Beaches and it’s gorgeous there! Yes – it’s been a bit hectic for me lately. It’s all good! 🙂