365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Days 286 to 291

lounge, sofa, sofa bed

365 Grateful – Day 286:  I’m very grateful to our nephew and his wife for loaning us this cute little sofa bed.  My sister arrives with her two children tomorrow night and we were a little short on beds!  This little cutie folds out to a single bed.  Perfect as it fits the spot just right!

hedge, mulch, woodchips, cypress pine

365 Grateful – Day 287:  Not only do we now have edging around our hedge, but we have mulch!  I’m very grateful to my hubby for all the numerous trips back and forth to the landscaping place with the trailer getting *stuff* for our new front garden.  The mulch we used for the hedge is chunkier than the one chosen for the front yard gardens as I won’t be digging around in this.  It’s cypress pine bark chips.  It’s made it all look so much more neat and tidy 🙂

camellia, new growth

365 Grateful – Day 288:  My little baby camellia’s have new growth!  Is that a flower bud or two I spy?!  Very grateful for the warmer weather to encourage all my new plants along.

assignment results

365 Grateful – Day 289:  It has been a long time since I have submitted a photography assignment.  I lost my momentum and went off track when we started the front yard makeover project with the painting of the fence!  Finally, I got myself together and worked on Module 4 and submitted the assignment on Saturday Night.  The results are back.  Can you believe that now with my Module 4 results, I have had 4 x 10/10’s!  Eventually, this unblemished record will be broken I am sure……but for now, I’m grateful and going to bask in it and enjoy 🙂

granite, stone, pathway

365 Grateful – Day 290:  This is some granite cut stone that we are going to use for a little pathway to the new letterbox in our new front yard.  The plan is to have some soft whimsical flowering grasses growing either side and maybe some mini mondo grass in some gaps here and there.  These (pictured) have been temporarily placed – just to work out how we’re going to arrange them.  I love them!  I’m so grateful for the fact that I find joy in the beauty that nature provides us!

hanging basket, plant, violets

365 Grateful – Day 291:  I always go out to water all the new plants in the front garden in the late afternoon and to collect the mail.  The sun sets out the front, so there was this beautiful warm glowing light out there.  I ran inside to grab my camera because I just had to take a shot of this pretty plant which is on the wall just to the left and down a bit of the front door.  It was looking particularly beautiful this afternoon with the lovely afternoon sunlight on it.  It’s the little things like this I am grateful for.

Have a great week everyone.  I will probably be a bit quiet for a while because I will have my sister, niece and nephew here.  Back soon though!  🙂


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  1. I love reading about your home improvements.You have really good ideas and your photographs are beautiful.
    I also love how you remind me to look for things to be grateful for.
    Have a wonderful time with your sister.xx


    • Oh Deb – just when I think no-one is reading my posts, along comes a gorgeous comment from you. I’m so glad you’re enjoying reading about my home improvements and enjoying my photographs. You are such a beautiful soul. xoxo


  2. You have lots of lovely things to be grateful for,enjoy your time with your sister,love your pics and love your outlook on life.


    • Thanks Lisa! Such kind words – thank you – you are so lovely! It was a great time with my sister. I was sad when they left but I’m going to see them again soon coz I’m going to Sydney! xo