MinsMash is 1 year old today!

MinsMash - 1st Birthday picWell can you believe it?  Today it is one year since I first took the plunge and created MinsMash.

At the time of my very first post (which you can see here *cringe*), I was actually quite a misery guts – in a place of pain, struggle and of non-acceptance.  To help me manage this difficult time, I did what is authentically me … I created a blog so I could ‘express myself’.  I have always been a ‘heart on sleeve’ type of girl.  I tend to like analysing my thoughts and expressing them.  I have always loved to learn.

I started MinsMash without any plan.  I knew that if I waited until I had a plan in place that fear would take over and I would never start a blog at all.  I am a perfectionist.  The plan, the purpose, the look – it would all have to be perfect before I would take the plunge.  I am quite proud of myself that I jumped in, putting my perfectionism to the side, with no plan, no fancy graphics, no particular look in mind, no real purpose in mind.  I just knew that I had to do this…to help me get through the difficult period I was experiencing in my life.  And….I am so glad I did!

My starting point was my 365 Grateful Project.  I also thought I might focus on my local area.  Photographing and writing about the Wynnum Manly area and sharing across the globe … BUT … turns out there was not very much interest.  So began my posts on varying subjects trying to find a purpose for MinsMash and something that got some reader interest.

I’ve tried out all types of different kinds of posts and topics.  I started out blogging every day, sometimes twice a day!  As you can see, that has not lasted for the whole year!! lol  I played around with having a blogging schedule (certain kinds of posts on certain days).  That lasted awhile, but I felt too locked in.  I wanted to be free’er and more spontaneous.  At a certain point during the past year, posting a grateful photo every day all became too much.  I tried a series of grateful photo’s posted just twice a week.  I’m still trying different things.  I’m disappointed that I couldn’t keep up posting a grateful photo daily but I have to be realistic.  I havent failed!  I’m still doing the project and I WILL complete it! 🙂

It took me awhile, but I eventually opened up FAR more than I had ever anticipated I would by sharing my ‘unplugged series’ (part 1 is here).  I’ve discovered that bloggers tend to be over-sharers.  That is what makes them unique.  It does require some very careful thought and consideration though – as to what is OK to share and what is not!

I’m far from perfect at this blogging thing, but it is by doing and trying different things that we learn what works for us and what doesn’t.

I recently had a LIGHTBULB MOMENT!  I know now what the purpose of MinsMash has been.

MinsMash was my gift to me.
It has been a tool to help me navigate through my pain,
accept the present, remember who Min is, and to discover who Min will be.

The past year hasn’t all been easy.  There have been ups and downs.  Some of what I have learnt is this:

  • I have learnt a lot about blogging and the blogosphere but I am also very aware that there is so much I have yet to learn (especially the technical stuff!).
  • There are some beautiful people out there in the bloggy world!
  • Social Media – some of it I like – some of it I don’t so much.  It’s a balancing act and a matter of finding out what you like and what you don’t like so much.  It can be SO time consuming!
  • I opened a Twitter account soon after starting my blog.  I could never ‘get’ Twitter.  I get it more now … but I’m crap at it!  I announce new posts on there, but really can’t get into having conversations on there.  I mean … who has the time (well I don’t)!  I thought that meant I was a bloggy failure … but really it’s just a realisation that Twitter isn’t really my thing!
  • Meanwhile …. I love Instagram!
  • Pinterest is fun but I could do it better.  It is also a bit of a time consumer!
  • Facebook works for me but I hate that it’s now asking for $$$’s so that people who have ‘liked’ your page actually see what you post there!!
  • Min is not bad at all.  She is an emotional soul.  She is very caring.  She loves creativity.  She has big dreams but must learn to stop expecting too much of herself.  Baby step by baby step remember!  Stop thinking you need to take huge leaps!  Min is much too hard on herself but she is learning to ease off and be kinder to herself.
  • I’m much more of an introvert than I had realised … and that is ok.  I like who I am.
  • Through my 365 Grateful Project came the realization of how much I enjoy photography.  The rest of the world and all its problems seem to melt away when I am focussed on taking a great photograph.  Regular readers of my blog would know that I am now doing an on-line photography course.  Thank you MinsMash for the gift of showing me that I love Photography!
  • I do love to write.  There is something so cathartic about thinking things through, tapping away on the keyboard, rejigging thoughts and words, finding photographs or images to enhance the message, and then finally hitting publish!
  • Through all the analysing and reflecting I have done over the last year I have a deeper spiritual side to me now.  I’ve realised the importance of self-care.  I’m learning to be more mindful and attending mindful meditation classes.  I’ve started yoga and am loving it.  It’s made me realise how much neglect I have endured over many years, by my own hands.  That is changing now.

The biggest and most wonderful thing that I am very happy to be able to say at this one year birthday point, is that after 12 months of soul searching, I am now being flooded with visions!!  Visions of a blog with a certain look, a certain name, a definite purpose and with many further opportunities to unlock as time goes on.  I cannot say when this blog will go live at this point, but it will be a self hosted blog and I will be allowing a little bit of my perfectionism to run free on this one 😉  I will also be getting a professional to help me this time with all the ‘techy’ stuff!!  When the new blog goes live, MinsMash will still be here in cyberspace but it will no longer be active.  If my 365 Grateful Project is not yet complete – it will remain active until the completion of the project.  I will make sure that is well known when MinsMash is no longer active.  I really hope that my MinsMash followers will come on over to the new blog and follow me there when the time comes.  I promise it will be an awesome place!

The past year has been one of HUGE growth and learning for me.  I will forever be grateful and thankful to MinsMash for providing that opportunity to me and I will be forever grateful and thankful to my followers, likers and commenters for your kind words and support!

Happy 1st Birthday to MinsMash!  Hip Hip Hooray! 🙂


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  1. I have been Blogging for a year on the 21st of this month,so in two days time!!
    I actually lost my first blog to a internet fault so had to start all over again BUT deciding to stick with it was the best decision I have made in some time.
    Happy Bloggy Anniversary!
    Jess x


    • Oh Jess – we’re nearly twins! lol Happy 1st birthday to you and your blog for the 21st! What a buggar losing your first blog! It sure is quite addictive this blogging thing 😉 Min xo


  2. It sure has been a ride Min and I’m glad I stumbled across you. Sounds like this blogging caper has been just the tool you’ve needed in the past year and I’m very excited to see what your next step will be. Happy 1st anniversary lovely – here’s to more Min xx


    • Many thanks Em. I’m glad I stumbled across you too. You give me heaps of good belly laughs! Fab to have met you in person also & you’re even lovelier than I could have imagined! xo


  3. HOORAY! Happy anniversary! I am coming up to my one year too! Hasn’t it gone so fast!!! So glad it’s helped you so much, the blogging caper. By god I agree it is cathartic! ABSOLUTELY!


    • Thank you Sarah! YES it has gone by very fast! Thank gawd I feel that I’m in a different place now than when I started!! I’ll be keeping a look out for your 1 year mark when it comes up! xo


  4. Happy first anniversary !!!! I think that it’s great when you can use your blog to deal with issues that you have and you feel like it really does help – that is how I feel about my blog anyway !
    I am also not very good at the techie stuff – but that is OK I figure – we can’t all be good at everything !!!
    Have the best week !


    • Thanks Linda! Yes my blog sort of morphed into something I had not set out for it to be but it definately has helped give me some clarity and to sort through some stuff!! I’m gonna get a techie expert for the next one LOL No more pulling my hair out and giving myself migraines! 😉 xo


    • Thanks Francesca – it sure has been quite a ride over the last 12 months! You can be sure that I will be shouting from rooftops and spreading the word through all social medias when the new blog is up and running. Many thanks for hosting Thankful Thursday. I hope to try and link up more often!! xo


  5. A huge huge Happy first birthday to your blog Min. I’m so glad you joined the blogosphere and that I met you through our respective blogs! All the best for many many more years of blogging!


    • Many thanks Rita. So glad I’ve met you through our blogs too. I feel certain we will meet in person one day. Cheers to successful blogging ahead for both of us! xo


  6. Happy Bloggy Birthday. I started my blog much like yours, as a place to work stuff out. After about 18 months I lost interest, but something just clicked and I found direction to be able to continue to blog for now 2.5years.

    I look forward to hearing about your new venture!


    • Thank you Tegan! So glad that something clicked for you and that 2.5 years later you are still blogging! I hope that in 2.5 years I am too … and that my vision has been on the mark *fingers crossed*! xo


  7. Congratulations on your first birthday! Mine wasn’t that long ago too, in July and isn’t it amazing to look back and see what you’ve achieved, who you’ve reached and how much this ‘blogging’ business is really a part of your life. I don’t know what I’d do without it! I haven’t got around to it, but I know there are some online tools to create a book from your blog, I’d love to do that for the first year to capture all my writing. It’s great to have come across your page via FYBF, have liked you on FB. 🙂


    • Thank you Eva! Belated congratulations for your blog’s 1st birthday! It is amazing to reflect on what has been achieved over the year and YES it really does become a part of your life! Oooo a book from your blog – that sounds interesting! If you work out how – that would make a great blog post!! xo


  8. Happy birthday to you!!! MY DOG – you just reminded me it’s almost my blog-birthday too!!!! And I’d almost forgotten. It comes by so quickly! Many happy return posts. 🙂


  9. These are some great lessons you’ve learned! Everyone blogs for different reasons, but many people for the same one – to tell their story 🙂