365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Days 281 to 285

Garden, Camelias

365 Grateful – Day 281:  My Camellia’s are in!  So grateful that we have progressed to adding garden soil and mulch to the new front garden and that my Camellia’s are planted.  I have one more advanced Camellia and six little baby ones.  More plants are yet to be added.

beach, health

365 Grateful – Day 282:  Very grateful that my family and I have made it through winter without being struck down with any bad illness.  We’ve all had the odd sniffle and mild virus but no awful flu or worse! 

The photograph I’ve used for this grateful is a shot I took when on holiday at Caloundra in February this year.

Boats, Harbour, Photography

365 Grateful – Day 283:  At last, after far too long a break away, I have got myself focussed and completed Part A of the Module 4 assignment for my Photography course!!  Next … must complete Part B.  It was the painting for the new front fence that first threw me off track and then there was just one thing after another and then before I knew it MONTHS had passed since I had completed Module 3.  So grateful that it appears that I am getting back on track! 🙂

The ‘unadorned’ version of the photo above is already on the blog here so I decided to have a bit of fun with it.  It is actually a photograph I took for Part A of Module 4.

shoes, boots, ankle boots

365 Grateful – Day 284:  Look at these gorgeous red ankle boots and vintage looking Zoe Winter shoes that I was lucky enough to inherit from my niece!  I’m very grateful that for some reason she does not want these anymore and that I am the same shoe size as her! 🙂

Photographs used above are from my Instagram feed.

train, rain, rainy day

365 Grateful – Day 285:  This morning I had an appointment in the city.  I caught a train inIt was a rainy day which reflected exactly how I felt about a) being on a train b) going to the city; and c) the appointment.   Ever since I left my corporate job, I’ve avoided the city.   In fact, this is only the second time I have been there since I left my job.  Catching a train to the city brought back memories of all those zillions of hours of commuting I have done over the years.  The city itself does not make me feel good.  The city to me = work and the events that led to me leaving.  The appointment today was all about taking a big step towards finally and permanently severing all ties to my former job and life.  It went well.  I’m so grateful it is over!

The photograph used above is from my Instagram feed.

I hope you all have a happy week! 🙂