365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Days 276 to 280

garden edging

365 Grateful – Day 276:  The garden edging in our new front yard has been done!  So the colour doesn’t look a thing like the colour I chose from the colour swatches and it needs a bit of a tidy up around the edges – doesn’t matter.  I don’t sweat the small stuff these days.  We can’t go near it for now – the care of your new garden edging brochure says that it will take between 28 – 30 days for our new edging to achieve maximum strength.  For the first 7 days we can’t let anything bump the edging or let it get wet.  It may feel dry and hard to the touch but is still vulnerable.  For the next 4 weeks we can’t let any heavy objects touch the edging (eg mowers etc) and we are not allowed to stand or jump on and off the edging (oh no – there go my plans haha!)!  SOooo based on those instructions, our poor doggies aren’t allowed in the front yard for at least a week and we will hold off a little bit before we start bringing in garden soil, doing some planting, adding mulch etc etc.  So grateful though that the next step is done so that we can soon move forward with our front yard makeover! 🙂

flowers, pink, spring

365 Grateful – Day 277:  Spring is in the air!  I love this time of year.  Cool mornings and evenings and warm days.  I also love that the plants get a rush of growth and some that have been dormant start to flower.  It’s a lovely time of year.  I so wish it could stay like this year round.  I don’t cope very well with summer heat and humidity.  Grateful for beautiful spring and all that comes with it!

mindfulness meditation, mindfulness, meditation, cd

365 Grateful – Day 278:  If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’d know that I have started a 7 week mindfulness meditation program.   I’ve been to two classes now and am loving it.  Along with the paperwork/handouts we receive, we were given a CD full of different mindfulness meditations.  I’m very grateful for this CD.  We have two ‘teachers’ and one of the teacher’s voice features on this CD.  She has a lovely calming voice.  Doing the meditations whilst listening to the CD (and her voice) really helps keep me focussed.

tights, tshirts, yoga

365 Grateful – Day 279:  So I started yoga on Wednesday!  I’m doing a 6 week beginner’s course.  We will learn all the foundations of Yoga so that we are well equipped to attend general classes.  I haven’t got a yoga mat yet so all I could think of to photograph to represent this ‘grateful’ was my recent purchase of two pairs of leggings and three t-shirts.  Yes, I went all out and visited K-Mart and these were just $8 per piece!  Most of my clothing like these that I did have were ruined during ‘the front picket fence project’.  Yep – splattered with paint.  There is no need to spend a fortune on yoga gear.  These leggings and t-shirts from K-Mart are perfect to start me on my way to Yoga land.  I learnt quite a few things from my first class.  1) – you do not need to wear joggers and socks to Yoga.  Yoga is done in bare feet!  2) – Yoga is bloody hard work.  3) – I am definately 49 years of age with a body that no longer is the flexible body of my past *sigh*.  4) – I think I’m gonna love Yoga.  5) – There are going to huge physical benefits to doing yoga.  I had been focussing mainly on mind benefits.

learner driver, provisional licence, 100 hours

365 Grateful – Day 280:  While I realise that when my daughter gets her driver’s licence, I will worry about her when she is out and about in the car, I am also very grateful that she has reached (actually gone over) her 100 hours of driving and now just needs to send her book in to be approved and then book a driving test.   My daughter has several jobs and a boyfriend she visits frequently.  I am her taxi driver.  It really cuts up my days and makes it very difficult for me to plan my days with any long periods of free time.  SO….when she becomes more independent and can drive herself places, it will definately free up more of my time.  Praying she will remain sensible and safe during her driving years ahead.


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  1. Those flowers are gorgeous. I’m with you – if only the weather would stay like this all year around !!!
    I love yoga – wish I could do it more often but, sadly there are only so many hours in the day !!!!
    Good luck to your daughter on her driving test. I know how much of a difference it made to us when K got her licence – but the worrying does get worse unfortunately !!!
    Have a great weekend !


    • Thank you! I wonder if there IS a place that has ‘spring’ weather all year round?? Dreading the worry with my daughter driving but the day was gonna come wasn’t it so I think all this recent driving around taking her to her various jobs and social engagements has helped prepare me and make me ready for it!! Hope you have a great weekend too! 🙂 xo


  2. I am glad you think you will love yoga and i hope you do indeed love it .Yes scary times ahead with your daughter getting her license but get her to text you when she is where she is going ,makes you feel a little better,I had my kids do that but of course i still worried ,try not to though,maybe practice your meditation if you are worried .I love spring too,pity the weather can’t stay like that instead of humidity and hot hot summers.