Fix Me I’m broken … and Mum I Need Your Camera and Tripod!

Do you have a mental vision in your mind of how you intend to spend your weekend and even your week days?  I usually do … but it doesn’t always go to plan.


Father and Daughter

Plan:  Pick up my sister (Sis 2) at 8:45am and drive to the other side of Brisbane to visit my parents.  They were flying to Sydney on Sunday (Father’s Day) to visit with one of my sisters (Sis 3) and her family.  We all wanted to see Dad for Father’s Day.  Sister 4 was meeting us there.  By the way – as the eldest, I’m Sister 1.

Actual:  All went according to plan!  Hooray!


On Saturday, while I was over at my parent’s house, my daughter texted me to let me know she was going to the movies and could she stay another night at her friends (she’d stayed the previous night) and she would catch an early bus home the next morning so she would be home for Father’s Day.

I replied saying that she could if she really wanted to but I’d prefer if she could come home.   So she decided she *would* come home and asked if we could pick her up at 10pm.  So MrMM picks her up at 10pm and when she walks in the house the first words she says to me are

“Fix me, I’m broken”


You know that mothers are magicians don’t you?  Yep – we can wave a wand and voila – magic happens!

“What are you talking about” I asked.   Turns out she wasn’t feeling well.  She listed the symptoms and my highly qualified mother-doctor self came swiftly to the diagnosis of a UTI and a quite severe dose considering she was suffering severe back pain in the lower back kidney regions.  With my mother-doctor hat on I asked “When did this start”.  She said “Oh Friday night I woke in pain”.  Hmmmm …. so then she still went to the movies the next day, stayed at her friends for dinner and was considering staying away another night.  OoooKkkkk then!!    I did mention this fact to her and she said “I thought it would go away”.  Hmmm.  So off I go to my mother-doctor cupboard of magical tricks and extract some mystical supplies to help alleviate symptoms and pain and then send her to bed with instructions to drink plenty of fluids.


1950s woman cleaningWoman hanging clothes on the line  13335269-woman-trimming-bushes-in-her-backyard-on-her-patio

Plan:  Multiple loads of washing, mark out with spray paint where we want the new garden edges (garden edging guy coming soon), cut back some overgrown plants, clean and tidy of the house, respond to some emails, do some blog planning, and prepare dinner.

Actual:  Got the washing done!  Spray painted garden edges on dusk whilst squabbling with MrMM, spent the day driving to a medical centre which was closed, visiting a pharmacy, making multiple calls to an after-hours home visit doctor service, waiting hours for a doctor to visit whilst reassuring a whining in-pain 18 year old that the doctor would eventually arrive.  Doctor arrives whilst I am in the beginning phases of preparing dinner.  Dinner is late.


Sunday morning I asked how she was feeling and did she sleep ok.  She slept well and was feeling ok.  So I’m thinking that all will be ok to wait until Monday to take her to the doctor and began to mentally go through my list of pre-planned Sunday activities.  MissM rested and read in her room and then went for a drive with MrMM (she was driving) to get that last bit of driving time to get her 100 hours.  [She is over 100 hours now so a driving test will be happening soon!]

I had done the washing and was about to move on to the next task when she swooped on me.  “I’m in sooooo much pain, I neeeeeeed to see a doctor.  We’ve gotta do something nooowww”.  So of course, I dropped everything and we drove to the local medical centre which OF COURSE, on a Sunday, was closed.  The pharmacy was open so we went in there to see if there was anything further we could do to ease her discomfort and pain.  The lady in the pharmacy advised that we should get a doctor to the house because if the pain in her kidney region was so bad it was dangerous to not get her on anti-biotics as soon as possible.   She gave us a card with the number to call.  I called from my mobile in the car in the carpark.  Was put on hold and after much waiting … was CUT OFF.  Drove home, phoned again – engaged, again – engaged, again – engaged, again – engaged, again – got through!  Lady advised she was on another call and she would call me back shortly.  1 ½ hours later the lady had still not called back.  I called again – engaged,  I called again – engaged.  I called again – got through!  Gave the lady all the details.  She said – I’ll just put you on hold for a moment while I process your medi-care details etc.  Waiting…waiting…waiting.  Another lady comes on the line.  “Yes – how can I help you” she says.  “Um…I have been helped…just waiting for the lady to process the medi-care details”.  “Oh” she says … “just a minute”.   She comes back “yes all seems to be fine with the medi-care number”.  “Ok good.  Does that mean we are booked and a doctor will come?”  “Yes” she says.  After more conversation, I finally am told that a doctor should be at our house somewhere between 4pm and 6pm.

doctor home visit

Doctor came around 7pm’ish.  He was nice, efficient, quick.  My diagnosis was confirmed, prescription written, and off he goes into the night to the next patient.  The script was handed to MrMM to dash to the chemist to fill it.  It was panic stations as the chemist closes at 7:30pm.  I return to dinner preparations.  MrMM returns with anti-biotics.  MissM has her first dose.  We eventually get dinner.


Unpacking the dishwasher1950s woman cleaningWoman-photographer

Plan:  Wash up, unstack dishwasher, re-stack dishwasher, general tidy of house, go off on photo shoot for my photography assignment.

Actual (so far):  Wash up and dishwasher duties done.  Spent the morning keeping the dogs contained and away from my son and his friend.  Yet to have lunch.


Whilst washing up this morning, my son (Twin2) comes up to me and says:

“Mum, I need your camera and tripod”.

Filming, camera, tripod

“Why” I asked?  “I have to make a 30 second movie and my friend will be here soon to help me”.

I have never used my camera for ‘movies’ before, so I dropped everything and sat at my computer to look up how to do this in my camera’s PDF manual.  We worked it out, however the battery was low on my camera so it needed to be plugged in and recharged.  I was also instructed by Twin2 to delete all the stuff on the memory card.  Obediently, I followed his instructions….and then returned to the washing up.

It is a cloudy day here in Brisbane today.  For the photography assignment I have, the clouds are my friends.  I do not want harsh bright sunshine.  Today is perfect for a photo shoot for this assignment.  I could see my plans going out the window.

The friend arrives.  The battery is not fully charged but will have to do.  I assemble the camera on the tripod for them.  I then have to keep the dogs away from ‘the film set’…. for at least two hours!!

Twin2 comes out and tells me “i need you to be in the movie”.  What me?  I’ve no make-up on, my hair is a mess and pulled back in a pigtail and I’m in daggy house clothes!!  He tells me he has had to add another scene to make the full 30 seconds.  A brilliant idea comes to my mind.  MissM!!  She is the actress in the family!  She was meant to work today but being unwell was in bed reading.  I tell her that her acting expertise is needed and she is required on set.  “I’m in my pyjamas” she says!  “So change”, I said.  So MissM got to act in Twin2’s 30 second silent movie – a uni assignment.

Now Twin2 has gone out with his friend and I am not allowed to touch the memory card of my camera because it has to be edited yet and I think he is afraid I will delete something.

Do I be daring and still go on my photo shoot or do I just write it off as another day where my plans go awry?

Lunch first and then I’ll decide.

What would you do?  Does this happen to you?  Do your plans often go awry too?


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  1. ALL THE TIME !!!! It used to really frustrate me and throw me totally – slowly over the years I have learned to go with the flow more and things are so much calmer in our family now. I’m much more easy going and less likely to get into a flap than I would have 4+ years ago !
    Hope MissM has fully recovered soon and that MrM’s video is all that he wants it to be.
    Have the best day !


    • Me too – ALL THE TIME! lol Twin2 is editing his video at this very moment. I look forward to seeing the completed video. MissM is out to dinner so she musn’t be feeling too bad (tho did have a nurofen before she left). Hope you had a great day! xo


  2. Sorry to hear your girl has been sick. My hubster has had a couple of severe UTI’s over the years and it is incredible just how sick they can get with them – worse than a severe case of flu. Hubster got checked out as they kept returning, only to get the verdict, DRINK MORE WATER!!!! I’ve been telling him that for years, not that he ever listens to me! Sometimes it really is just the simple things that keep us healthy …


    • Thanks Janet. She seems to have improved with the antibiotics. Definately drinking enough water to keep us properly hydrated does indeed help avoid and fix these things!!