365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Days 257 to 260

tree, leopard tree, tree trunk, bark

365 Grateful – Day 257:  A friend who was visiting commented on the beautiful trunk of the snow gum tree on our footpath!  Of course I told her that it was in fact a Leopard tree.  It does have a beautiful trunk doesn’t it?!

flowers, plants

365 Grateful – Day 258:  I’m jumping with excitement and very grateful for the potted cuttings given to me by my sister-in-law in readiness for our front yard garden makeover.  I have missed old-fashioned flowering cottage type plants so much since moving to this house of palm trees.  This photo and the next couple are some shots of the potted cuttings she has given me.  To have a proper look, click on the photo’s to see the larger version.

flower, plants, garden

365 Grateful – Day 259:  I don’t know the name of this flower but oh my gosh isn’t it beautiful!!  It was closed for the night when I took this photo yet still as beautiful as when it is open during the day.  My sister-in-law has promised me more of these in a variety of colours.

plants, garden, geranium, flower

365 Grateful – Day 260:  This is a geranium plant.  You can see the promise of new flowers soon to bloom.  I have some geraniums in pots in the backyard.  I can never have enough geraniums.  They come in so many different varieties and are gorgeous!