365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Days 253 to 256

Manly, Marina, Boats

365 Grateful – Day 253:  I’m grateful to live somewhere where I can see this!  I love being near the water for so many reasons.  I love to walk by the water and listen to the soothing sounds of the lapping water.  I love the bird life around water.  I love to sit on a park bench and look out over the water.  I love the reflections in the water of the boats in this photograph.

formal, teenagers

365 Grateful – Day 254:  I’m grateful that the dress my daughter is wearing in this photograph (which she bought on-line and when it arrived was too small) turned out to fit beautifully after some alterations which thankfully weren’t too expensive.  I’m grateful that she enjoyed the evening at her boyfriend’s formal.  Note:  Their faces have been covered with cute animal faces to protect their privacy.

fence, picket fence

365 Grateful – Day 255:  I’m grateful that on Sunday night, in the dark by torchlight, the last paling was finally nailed on our fence!  The fence is finished!!  Just a few paint touch ups and then we can move on to the gardens. 🙂


365 Grateful – Day 256:  I’m grateful for my old and daggy but faithful and very comfy house slippers!  They have served me well for quite a few winters!  As you can see, I have even been wearing them while painting.


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  1. Love that you are grateful for big and small things ,I love my slippers too,3 winters old .