365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Days 250 to 252

Over the last few days, I’ve been very grateful for the following things:

Plant, Garden

365 Grateful – Day 250:  Passing these little shrubs with tiny pom-pom flowers dancing in the breeze every time I go out to hang washing on the line.

365 Grateful - Day 251

365 Grateful – Day 251:  Building, creating, seeing the visions in my head become a reality, spending time with hubby improving our home, getting to know our next door neighbours better because we’re spending more time in the front yard and have chatted more than usual with them.


365 Grateful – Day 252:  Late afternoon … going out to collect the mail from the letterbox, looking up at a clear blue sky and seeing the moon already out.  Sort of takes your breath away!


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  1. That is lovely it is good to be grateful about small and large things and sometimes the smallest things make us most grateful.


    • That’s the great thing about doing this 365 grateful project. It makes you look and take notice and yes – for me it has been many things that get my attention but most often it is nature that makes me happy and grateful – as well as many other things 🙂 x