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I’ve decided to link up with Janet of Redland City Living this week with MWATI (my week according to Instagram) for the first time.  I’ve excluded the six (6) grateful photos posted to Instagram as they are already on my blog.  These are all just phone snaps so not an example of how bad I am doing with my photography studies haha! 😉

MWATI Collage 14 July

  1. 10 July – Ava has a new love.  That love is sleeping on the lounge beside me in the family room.  Lying on a cushion is even better!  I allow it only because it is a leather lounge and well she is so irresistible!
  2. 11 July – This is a photograph of how my garage looked on that morning.  All those palings spread out have one coat of paint and were waiting for me to give them a second coat.  Towards the top on the right you can see a pile of unpainted palings….still waiting for my attention *sigh*!
  3. 12 July – I went over to my sister’s house.  She’s a day care mum.  It’s a kids dream over there.  The toys!!
  4. 12 July – My two gorgeous girls.  On the left is Chelsea (tri-colour) who is 13.5 years of age and on the right is Ava (ruby) who is 9.5 months of age.
  5. 13 July – The leopard tree on our footpath looks so much more beautiful now looking at it from our new fenced front yard.
  6. 14 July – More work was done on the fence today.  We have a gate!  This is the front view.
  7. 14 July – This is the back view of the gate.
  8. 14 July – The first post tops go on!
  9. 14 July – ALL post tops are on!
  10. Just one side to go and then the fence is done.  Eighty (80) palings need to have two coats of paint before we can finish!!

Have a great week everyone! 🙂


Linking up with Redland City Living’s #MWATI


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  1. Nawww your two girls are just adorable. Love the name Chelsea – I nearly called Julia but then a friend named her dog Chelsea when I was about 7 months pregnant – so that was the end of that!

    Your fence is looking mighty fine and so it should after all your hard work! Are you sick of the sight of it yet?

    Thanks for joining #MWATI, I was starting to think there wouldn’t be any linkers this weekend!


    • Thanks Janet – I think my girls are adorable too! I have a niece called Chelsey but they had her and named her way after I already had my Chelsea! Re the fence – not sick of the sight of it. Love it! BUT….sick of the sight of palings to be painted *Ugh*!!! 80 more to go!! It was my pleasure to join #MWATI – I only recently became aware that you were hosting it! Min xo