365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Days 244 to 249

I had some time today so am playing catch up’s with my 365 Grateful Project!  I’m grateful for the following things:

365 Grateful - Day 244

365 Grateful – Day 244:  The final removal of some very sad and very dead Cycads.  They were once beautiful but sadly were killed by a moth that is rampant in Brisbane at the moment.  The removal makes way for a new garden as our front yard is about to have a makeover (starting with a new front fence).

tree, shade tree

365 Grateful – Day 245:  A morning with my daughter at the Manly waterfront on a beautiful sunny day sitting under this stunning shade tree eating an ice-cream.

flowers, begonia

365 Grateful – Day 246:  My beautiful Begonia’s.  They always make me feel happy.  The flowers are like fluttering butterflies … free and happy!

children, park, play

365 Grateful – Day 247:  Time with my gorgeous niece and nephew.  My niece (10) and nephew (5) are visiting from Sydney.  They are staying with my parents but came to us for a sleepover and stayed most of the next day.  We had a wonderful time at this park at Manly and then went on to Lota Park … a bit of a park crawl.  Love spending time with these two!

flower, gazania

365 Grateful – Day 248:  The thrill of discovering a new flower about to open.  This is a beautiful sunny yellow Gazania flower about to open very soon.


365 Grateful – Day 249:  The endless possibilities of what I might do with this chair.  Any ideas?  This was my daughter’s desk chair that she no longer wants.  This used to be my desk chair when I was at school – though it was white then!


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  1. I so hope you keep that chair of memories so your daughter can give it to her child to sit and study on one day.
    I have a chair my Grand parents gave me when I was born.My girl used it when she was little.It is now sitting here waiting to be handed down to my girls little one.
    Family treasures come in all forms 🙂 xx


    • Hi Deb – yes no worries about that. That chair isn’t going anywhere! It will be staying in this house. I’m just trying to work out where to put it and if it will need a paint colour change (which will depend on where I put it) 🙂 That’s lovely that you have a chair that your grandparents gave you when you were born. I love family treasures and heirlooms! 🙂 xo