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The Domino Effect


I’m sure you’ve heard of the domino effect – a chain reaction that occurs when a small change causes a similar change nearby, which then causes another similar change, and so on…

A while back I decided to take a small break from blogging so I could catch up on my photography studies and assignments.

Then we started building our new front fence and suddenly that break got extended as I needed to paint lots of timber.  This is still ongoing by the way …. but  there has been progress!  We are nearly there – just 100 or so more palings to paint two coats on and then they can go up, along with the post tops!  Here are some photo’s I posted to Instagram over the weekend.


Also my kids are on uni break (still) and this means me driving them here and there and them having friends over and so on.

Then NSW school holidays came about and my sister has been visiting from Sydney with her two children.  They are staying with my parents on the other side of Brisbane but came down to my sister and her husband (who live near to us) for the weekend and the kids spent Friday night and most of Saturday with us.  We always love having them and they love coming to us – more for the dogs than us though! Lol

So the domino effect took place and my small break has turned into a long break with the occasional post here and there!

Because of the all the painting and building of the fence, my photography studies have fallen behind again so I am still needing to play catch ups!

I can assure you that I have not given up on my blog or my 365 Grateful Project but sometimes life gets busy and the juggling gets a little difficult and one of the balls gets dropped now and then.

Eventually things will settle down and all will be back to normal.  In the meantime, I still have painting to do in order to get this fence finished and my garage back (all the timber and paint tins etc are in the garage).  No painting today though.  This morning I took my dogs (Ava and Chelsea) to the groomers.  I pick them up at 12 noon.  The house feels so empty without them!  I’m also waiting for the groceries to arrive.  Why is it that they come bang on 10am when the dogs are here and when I need them to come early because I have to go out and pick up the dogs at 12 – they still haven’t arrived!

By the way, have you entered the competition I’m running where you can win a Wenatex pillow valued at $320?   If you haven’t – why not go for it.  You’ve got to be in it to win it!  These pillows are fantastic – totally free of any chemicals, toxins or allergens.  Go check out the post here!

I’ll pop in again now and then until things get back to normal.

Ciao for now!


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  1. A break is often good and better than falling down because there is too much to do. Life is definitely a domino affect! Love the new fence. My FIL swears by the Wenatex pillow and mattress.


    • Hi Eleise – love your name by the way – my daughter’s middle name is Elise 🙂 You are so right! I’m a pretty good judge of when I’m feeling overwhelmed these days. When I start to feel like that, I know that something has to give! Thanks for liking our fence! Great to hear your FIL loves the Wenatex pillow and mattress. I would love the whole sleep system but need to save my pennies 🙂 xo


    • Thanks Em – they’re just shots with my phone. Certainly lots of hard work and still more to go. It’s great satisfaction to see it going up. Can’t wait till it’s finished though! Then we move on to making new gardens 🙂 xo


  2. i loved watching your fence pictures – it looks amazing – i cannot believe how many posts you still have to paint though – yowsa – deb xx


    • Thanks Deb! Yep there are far more palings to paint then I ever imagined. There are 20 palings for each bay. We have about 106 or something like that to go yet. Post tops have two coats done on them so they are ready to go on. Hubby is away this week so really I need to be painting so we have some to put up on the weekend … haven’t yet tho. Tomorrow!!! 😉 xo


    • Thanks Lisa! Didn’t realise that would be quite SO much timber to paint. We’re getting there. Can’t wait for the FINAL photo of the completed fence 🙂 xo


  3. I know what you mean, I feel like all I’ve done for the past few weeks is play chauffeur for Miss 16!


  4. I totally understand the domino effect Min. This is what happened to me since I came back from my holiday: I got occupied with other things and blogging suffered. Your fence looks very good!


    • Yes I think many people can be affected by the domino effect Rita! I’m still being affected. I haven’t got back to my photography studies yet. I really must focus and get back to it. Too much time is passing! Thanks for saying the fence looks good. Hope you get your blogging mojo back 😉 Min xo