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Healthy Sleep & A Giveaway!

Healthy Sleep

On my blog I’ve talked about the power of positive thinking and how the way we think impacts on our lives; stress and the effects it can have on our minds and our bodies; the importance of self-care, listening to your body and understanding your needs and limits; healthy eating and exercise and more.  My blog is all about finding the right lifestyle balance, by looking at all angles that could do with a bit of a tweak, in order to live a happy and healthy life.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to be invited by Blog Power Events to a brunch at Wenatex Australia.  Wenatex is an international family business, founded in Salzburg, Austria in 1964 (a very good year because it was the year I was born!).  The company expanded to Australia in 2002.  Wenatex is committed to helping families enjoy healthy, rejuvenating sleep.  Their company philosophy is to provide education and let their customers reach their own conclusions.

The brunch I attended was lots of fun!  The Wenatex offices are at Eagle Farm and my new GPS got me there without any drama!  Yay – I love her!  Yep – it is a she – a very calm female voice with an English accent!

Once at the event, though a bit nervous, I waltzed on in and met many other bloggers whose blogs I had been reading for ages.  It is strange meeting people for the first time that you already know so much about – but fun and so lovely to meet in person!  We  enjoyed a delicious high tea, sipped on Pimms and played Instagram Bingo!  I learnt some really interesting facts about sleep and bedding and got to see, touch and sample some of Wenatex’s awesome products.  Here are a few photo’s from the day.

wenatex bloggers brunchI lay on that bed!  I so wish I could have taken it home with me!

high teaThe high tea and Pimms was superb!  We even had proper lady china!

Min and quiltOk – so that quilt was something super special.  So light!  So soft!  So warm!
(photo by Janet of Redland City Living)

I was very impressed with the commitment, dedication and passion of the staff of Wenatex.  Their passion for educating on healthy sleep and love of their products was clearly evident.   They were also super nice and friendly people!

Did you know that you sleep for one-third of your life?!!  If we put so much thought and energy into healthy living for the other two-thirds of our lives should we not give some thought to the other one-third when we are sleeping?!  Deep regenerative sleep is vital for healing your body, organs and mind as well as regulating energy production, your immune system, maintaining a healthy weight and helps you combat stress.  I know that if I don’t get enough good solid sleep, I am not a very nice person!!

Are you sleeping in a sea of toxic chemicals and allergens?

Sadly, many of the run of the mill pillows and mattresses are full of our dead skin cells and that is a smorgasbord buffet for dust mites.  Oh yeah – they love a good ‘ol feast on dead skin cells – so they are in there too (alive and dead) along with their faeces!!   Did you know a single mite can produce up to 2000 units of faecal matter in a period of 10 weeks.   A harmful allergen, mite faecal matter has been proven to have a severe impact on health as well as sleep quality.  It is a shocking but true fact that a mattress may become double its original weight within 10 years due to dust and dust mite faeces!

Many mattresses are also full of toxic chemicals as a result of:  flame retardants, adhesives, petroleum-based foams, plastics, vinyls, glues, fabric dyes, fungicides and pesticides.

Wenatex products allow you to sleep in a completely non-toxic sleeping environment!

There is a lot of scientific research behind Wenatex’s sleep system and products.  What I love about them is that:

  • they have SilverMed silver fibre woven in them.  SilverMed is used in Wenatex’s covers, quilts and pillows.  In the Wenatex deluxe mattress core and the ergonomic pillow core, silver not as a textile but in the form of silver zeolite (synthetically produced crystalline alumosilicates) is used as an active agent.  SilverMed and silver zeolite both render bacteria and germs of all kinds harmless. With SilverMed fibre and silver zeolite, Wenatex utilises the positive effects of silver to provide sleep comfort that not only complies with orthopaedic standards but also meets the highest levels of hygiene.
  • the Wenatex mattress core is an open-cell cold-form foam, made with natural oils and minerals, and without the use of CFCs or petrochemicals.  Here is a photo I took of the mattress core on the day of the brunch:

wenatex mattress core

  • all products have zip-off covers that are machine washable!
  • the products are superb quality, hygienic and healthy and SUPER comfy!!  I know … I lay on a Wenatex bed, with a Wenatex pillow and covered in a Wenatex quilt … and I.Did.Not.Want.To.Get.Up!!

The Wenatex sleeping system is made up of a summer quilt, a winter quilt, a choice of two pillows, a mattress and mattress cover, an Alpine Herbal Regeneration Inlay, and a high-tech adjustable bed.

I highly recommend you check out the Wenatex website here and read more about their fabulous products!

Would you like to have some Wenatex in your life?  Well guess what, you just might be in luck!  Wenatex have given me one Wenatex SilverMed Plus Classic Pillow valued at $320 to give away!!


The outer sleeve of the SilverMed® Plus pillow is made from 100% premium cotton-sateen with SilverMed® silver fibre woven in. The inner cover is made from cambric cotton with a filling of small, especially mobile climate-controlling fibre balls. They provide perfect comfort and support and keep the pillow elastic and reshapeable. The integrated zip allows for more or less filling depending on your personal preference.

I lay on a Wenatex bed and put my head on one of these pillows and trust me – they are devine!!  You can arrange the filling to suit you.  I had full support of my neck yet felt like I had my head on a cloud!

All you need to do to in order to be in the running to win this pillow is the following:

  • You must live in Australia
  • Tell me in the comments section of this post in 50 words or less … “What do you think is an ideal routine leading up to bed time and at bed time to maximize optimum sleep?  Is there anything that you think should be avoided?”
  • Please be sure to include an email address when you leave a comment so that I will be able to contact you.  The winner will be announced on my blog, my Facebook page and Twitter … but will also be contacted via email.

The competition will close at 8pm on Thursday 18 July 2013 and the winner will be announced on Monday 22 July.

Good luck!




Disclosure:  This is not a sponsored post – no payment was received and all comments within this post are my own opinions.  All bloggers who attended the Wenatex Bloggers brunch were gifted with an Ergonomic SilverMed Deluxe Pillow and a goodies bag.

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  1. I won’t enter the comp as I went to the Brunch too – have to say I am absolutely LOVING the pillow – at first I gave it to hubster but he missed his old one so I ended up with it, which I am very happy about!

    Wish I could have taken the bed home with me too!


    • Thanks Keith. So great to hear the sleep system has changed your life for the better. I’ve seen many testimonials that say the same. I was very impressed with the Wenatex products 🙂


  2. My ideal sleep routine is a cuddle on the couch with my husband as we unwind, with a hot milk drink. The chance to read a book for a few minutes while snuggling in bed until I”m sleepy, then lights out.


  3. A relaxing shower followed by reading my book for ummm preferably an hour or two. Ok, i’m usually too tired for that unfortunately! And to definitely avoid coffee after 2pm. I think its also really important to limit tv and computer time too in the evenings to allow our eyes and mind to wind down. Thank you! Monique 🙂


  4. For me staying active throughout the day leads to a good night sleep. I run 2kms four times a week in the evening to keep myself fit and active. I stay away from laptop/ipad before bedtime and don’t drink water an hour before bed…


  5. My routine in the lead up to bedtime is relaxing with a hot cup of milo; This always gets me and my body ready for sleep. I would recommend avoiding electronics prior to going to bed – they stimulate your mind and you don’t seep as well.

    My email is: (just in case I’m lucky enough to win). Thanks so much for running a great giveaway!


  6. I have a hot Milo about an hour and a half before I go to bed (so that I don’t need to get up in the night for the toilet). When I go to bed I read for 15-20 minutes to help me unwind. I avoid TV’s and phones.


  7. Definitely a warm bath or shower, then no alcohol or caffeine, and ideally a good book before bed. Those pillows and beds look awesome!


  8. I believe it is important to have a bedtime routine,i have the lighting low in the house comfy pjs and I like a cup of camomile tea and I like to meditate before bed,just a windown,and my room very dark.


  9. I love to read for a while to help me relax my mind & try to switch off my thoughts. I definitely don’t have caffeine from late afternoon or snacks before bed as I find it harder to get to sleep if I do.


  10. Thanks so much for attending the Wenatex Blogger High Tea. I am so glad you had a great time. Thanks for your great blog post and all of your awesome support.
    Nicole (Marketing Manager at Wenatex)


    • Hi Nicole, Many thanks for hosting such a lovely event for us bloggers! It’s my pleasure to write this post and give away one of your amazing pillows. I had an awesome time and I’m totally in love with the Wenatex products! Min xo


  11. First a shower, warm milk and then relaxing in bed with freshly laundered sheets (heaven!!) with a good book 🙂 A quick trip to do teeth then sleep all night 🙂
    Of course with a newborn my wind down routine is nothing like that at the moment- and nor is my sleep! 😉