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The Front Picket Fence Project

Huge apologies for it being so quiet on my blog lately.  This fence project is taking over my life for a little while!  Not sure if this is very interesting but I thought I’d pop together a post and some piccies updating on progress so far.  If you’re on Instagram, I’ve also posted some photo’s there.

We have the posts in, gate and latch in, new letterbox in position and fence frames done.  Just need pickets/palings and the decorative post tops to go on.  There is still lots of painting to be done.  We have only done one coat of most of the palings and would like to have two coats done before they go up.  If they need a third coat, that will be done once they are up!

So here are some photo’s of progress so far!

Fence Posts

This photo was taken when the posts were in.  No more could be done until the next day when the concrete had dried/set.  I’ve got some arrows pointing to where we had three huge and beautiful Cycads that sadly died and have been removed.  They were never in a good spot anyway.  They infringed on the pathway to the front door.  They weren’t put in by us but by previous owners.


This photograph shows that the rails are up as well as the sleepers along the bottom (sleepers serve a dual purpose – good for keeping dogs in and also we will be having a garden on both sides of the fence).  It also shows our new letterbox which is set in place but yet to have palings put around it….and…our old letterbox which will be going along with the garden around it which I have never liked!  I’m really pleased with the new letterbox as it is charcoal and perfectly matches the charcoal posts!

This two letter boxes scenario caused some confusion for our postman today.  I just got home from being out and he rode his motorbike right up to my car window asking if the garden around the old letterbox would be staying as it would be far too awkward to get mail in the new letterbox.  Apparently, he had even got off his bike and knocked on my front door earlier (before I got home) as this concerned him so much!!   I assured him that the garden around the old letterbox will be going but that it was all still a work in progress!  I am amazed that this is such a big deal to him!  I checked the letterbox soon after (checked both letter boxes actually) and he hadn’t even delivered us any mail!

fence in progress

A look at the full width across the front and some notes on some plants I plan to have in my gardens. There are many other plants I will be including also! 🙂

Fence and gate in progress

The gate frame is up and the latch is on.   The garden bed where the Cycads were is going to go.  We will have stepping-stones with garden surrounding that leads to the letterbox….so part of that garden bed will be part of that pathway to the letterbox and the rest will be turfed.

So there you go … thats where things are up to with the new front fence!  MrMM is back at work so it’s all ground to halt for now (he had two days off work) until the weekend.  I have heard though that we have rain predicted for the weekend so I’m not sure if much will get done!  Meanwhile, there is still LOTS of painting to be done and as all the timber to be painted is currently stored in our garage … rail, hail or shine … the painting will continue!

I’ll update on the fence again when there is some significant progress!


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  1. Looks great Min….. am I right in thinking you are in QLD…. just wondering with all the palms and cycads – then got to thinking will Camellias be okay there?


    • Hi Lynne, yes you are right – I’m in Brisbane, Qld. Re the Camelia’s, yes they will do great! We had them at our last house which is not far from here and they were beautiful, happy and healthy! I miss having them, hence my wanting them at this house 🙂 We moved to this house around 6 years ago and it is surrounded in palms and not much else. I miss flowers! 🙂


    • Thanks Janet! YES – definately was spewing about the wet miserable weekend! We did some stuff out in the rain and the rest of the time did some painting in the garage. Still painting……so.over.it!!! 😉