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Collage - 17to21 June

Just popping in quickly to fill you in on what I’ve been up to (particularly those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram).  It has been a very busy week!  I’ve put together a collage of just some of my activities – all from Instagram snaps.

  1. On Tuesday night hubby and I went to see Jesus Christ Superstar.  It was fantastic!  I really enjoyed it … but could have done with a pair of earplugs.  It was supersonic LOUD!
  2. On Wednesday I went to a Wenatex Bloggers Brunch organised by Blog Power Events.  This was loads of fun!  A blog post will tell more in the near future.  In this photo I’m hugging a polar bear as part of an ‘Instagram Bingo’ game!
  3. Still at the Wenatex Bloggers Brunch, this is Sarah from Slapdash Mama and myself with a silly selfie as part of the ‘Instagram Bingo’ game.
  4. A quick snap of some of the beautiful goodies on offer at the high tea at the Wenatex Bloggers Brunch.  We also had tea, coffee and pimms!
  5. We’ve had some timber delivered for a new front picket fence.  It’s exciting!  I had to haul all this timber into our garage so it wouldn’t get rained on.  I woke my 20 year old twin sons to help with the haul!
  6. Timber haul done and now all snug in the garage.
  7. This morning I had a hair appointment.  I go once every 7 weeks.  This is me with foils in my head – such an attractive look!
  8. A selfie attempt to show my hairdressered hair.  I was also procrastinating the start of painting the fence timber!
  9. The painting has begun!  Some posts have their first coat of paint!  Hooray!

So, I’m a little busy right now …. painting, painting, painting and outside it is raining, raining, raining!  Our fence is due to be constructed on Tuesday and Wednesday next week.  The aim is to get it all painted before it goes up.  I’m crossing my fingers and toes that this will be done and that the rain is gone for Tues/Wed!

Normal blogging will resume again soon!

Ciao for now…


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    • Still busy Rachel! I will be glad to not see a paint brush or roller for quite some time! I’ll get to that Bloggers brunch post eventually! 🙂 xo


  1. Wow a what week Min, I look forward to hearing all about the bloggers brunch, still gutted I didn’t know about it – I’ll get over it one day!
    Great pics and looks like you’ve being doing a lot of hard work 🙂 Em


    • That didn’t include all the running around with the kids and other appointments and stuff!! The bloggers brunch was by invitation by Blog Power Events. Maybe there was a limit on how many they could invite? I’m still busy! So over painting but will be so happy to get the fence completed and a new enclosed yard for the doggies and for me to create some new gardens 🙂 xo