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Life is like a bicycle

Though I’m no longer commuting and working full-time in the city, I still have many things that I am trying to do and I’ve been having a little trouble finding the right balance so that I feel I am giving a good proportion of my time to each thing that is important to me.

What things?  Well there is my blog, my photography studies and assignments, household chores, home improvement projects that I need to do, time with the kids, walking the dogs, catching up with friends, and time for me.

  • I haven’t yet returned to my usual blogging routine.  I’m feeling a little bored with the locked in blogging schedule that I have.  I think I would like it to be more loose and free – so that I can blog what I like … when I like.  I’m giving this some thought.
  • My photography studies and assignments are going well but I need to allow more time for practice.  It is turning out to be a lot more time intensive than I had thought, particularly when you consider that I have two new Adobe software packages to also learn (Photoshop & Lightroom).
  • Household chores – the usual washing, cleaning etc.  I keep up with the washing but the cleaning needs improvement ahem!  I’m thinking perhaps I need to allocate a specific day of the week as my ‘cleaning day’.
  • Home improvement projects – oh my gosh there are so many!  The main one that is happening very soon is the building of a new front fence (which will give us a lovely enclosed front yard and new gardens).  The timber will be coming soon and I will need to paint it.  I also have gardens that need weeding, walls that need painting, furniture that needs painting, cushions that need covering and much more.
  • Walking the dogs.  Well this is actually ‘walking the DOG’.  Chelsea is too old and arthritic for walks anymore.  Ava needs to be walked more regularly and as a matter of fact, I also need to walk more regularly!
  • Catching up with friends.  I don’t have any problems here.  I am always available to catch up with a friend whenever they would like to.  Don’t know why I listed this one actually except perhaps to acknowledge that it is a priority.
  • Time for me.  Hmmm …. I need to get myself a little more sorted.  I need to consider all the above and try and get a better time management system in place.  I feel bad that I have strayed from my usual blogging schedule but when I think about it, no-one would actually care.  It is me that puts these expectations on myself, so it can be me that cuts me some slack.  I also have to remember that I haven’t been well.  My brain isn’t as sharp and quick as it was so I need to stop setting unrealistic expectations of myself and take the time to come up with a workable schedule that provides the right balance at the right pace for me.

So I guess why I picked this quote today is to remind us all that we have to keep moving and changing in order to find the right balance for the present time.  What might have been the right balance for me say six months ago, is not necessarily the right way for me now.

Please forgive my sporadic blog posts and veering away from my usual blogging routine (as per my ‘weekly planner’).  I’m reflecting on how best to get the right balance for now and there is definately going to be some change afoot! 😉


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  1. I’m sure nobody is worried about your blogging schedule except you! We are just happy to read a post when it pops up 🙂


    • Yep – I’m sure you’re right Janet! I’m very busy painting at the mo – so it’ll be a while before too many of my posts will be popping up! lol