365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Days 240 to 243

Moreton Bay, Wynnum Manly

365 Grateful – Day 240:  I’m very grateful to live near the water, where I can go for walks and not only see water (Moreton Bay) but seagulls, pelicans and cute little vintage yellow boats like the one you see here.  This is Wynnum Creek where it goes out to meet with Moreton Bay.  The building on the other side is the fish markets.  Oh so yummy beautiful fresh seafood can be bought there!! 🙂


365 Grateful – Day 241:  I’m very grateful for this lovely card, with such lovely words written inside it, that arrived in the mail from Linda of My Journey as part of her Project Brighten Someone’s Day (PBSD).  It certainly did brighten my day Linda!  Thank you so much!  This was so lovely to receive and much, much nicer than the usual bills that fill my letterbox!  I think your PBSD is such a thoughtful and wonderful idea. 🙂

Palm Leaves

365 Grateful – Day 242:  I needed to cut back some palm trees that were obscuring a pathway.  I popped them into a large white vase.  So grateful that the palm leaves and pods could be enjoyed a little longer indoors.

elk, plant, nature

365 Grateful – Day 243:  We had some beautiful big Cycads out the front of our house – all in a row along the pathway to our front door.  Sadly, though we tried to save them, they passed away (insert the sign of the cross here).  There is a moth that is rampant in Brisbane that is killing Cycads.  The Cycads have been sitting out there dead for a long time.  Today, MrMM has finally removed them.  To our surprise, attached to the base of the biggest Cycad were these Elks!   A lovely little compensation for the demise of the most beautiful Cycads and I’m very grateful.


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