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Freeze time and Short Bloggy Break

freeze time


49th_birthday_banner_balloons_post_card-r1e61664435c64850a2245dd5e9554a69_vgbaq_8byvr_512Yes – on 31 May 2013 – I’ll be turning 49!

I will then be in the last year of my 40’s.  My first thoughts are – STOP THE CLOCK,  FREEZE TIME or at least SLOW DOWN TIME!  I don’t want this last year of my 40’s to whizz by in a flash!  I’m gonna milk this last year of my 40’s for everything I can and take the time to accept and be ready for entering my 50th year this time next year.  I have big plans brewing in my mind on how I would like to celebrate my 50th! 😉

My sister who lives in Sydney is coming to visit for my birthday weekend.  She arrives tonight!  There are many family oriented activities happening from Friday through to Sunday.

Because I’m such an all or nothing kinda girl, I’ve been putting a lot of myself into my blog lately … and I love it … but I’ve been neglecting my photography studies a bit and um … some housey jobs … ahem.

SO … with all of the above in mind … I’ve decided it is time for another bit of a bloggy break.  That’s the great thing about being your own boss.  You make your own rules 😉  Hey, I don’t get paid anyway!

My 365 Grateful Project will resume when I get back.  I will still be posting Part 5 of my Unplugged series on Tuesday … and will resume regular blogging when I feel all caught up and back on track.

Until next Tuesday … keep well … and I’ll be sure to clink glasses and do a cheers to all of you with my birthday champagne tomorrow 😉


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  1. Happy Birthday Min!! I’ll be entering the last year of my 30s in a few months…I’m not saying that to make you feel older, just saying I understand what you mean about reaching another milestone! Enjoy your break and your birthday celebrations. Will see you/read you when you get back 🙂 xx


  2. Ooo you sneaky thing you didn’t mention that before, we TOTALLY could have had a cake and a singalong just for you on Wednesday!!! Happy birthday – you share a birthday with my god-daughter – though she will be 26 😉


    • Maybe that is why I didn’t mention it Janet LOL !! Fancy sharing a birthday with your god-daughter! I also share a birthday with Brooke Shields 🙂 Min xo