365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Days 234 to 236

365 Grateful - Day 234

365 Grateful – Day 234:  More and more I find myself inspired by nature.  Lately I am enjoying and photographing all different shaped and coloured leaves.  I love this leaf of a plant (the name of the plant escapes me at the moment) in my backyard and such a bonus photograph with the gorgeous rain drops on it!

nature, plant, leaves

365 Grateful – Day 235:  Another beautiful leaf in a pot plant in my pergola area.  It’s a quite fragile medium-sized lime green with cream splotches and a vibrant splash of red up the centre.  I think nature is incredible!


365 Grateful – Day 236:  I had the most fabulous morning today.  I went to my first ever bloggers meet up which was very kindly organised by Janet of Redland City Living.  It was a morning tea held at Kings Country Garden Nursery and Cafe at Thornlands.  It was wonderful to meet so many inspiring and lovely women bloggers IRL (in real life) and I am so grateful for the opportunity but I will save more info on the meet up for a separate dedicated post coming up soon!

This grateful is for the beautiful bracelet given to each of us by Lisa from Random Acts of Zen.  What a generous, thoughtful and beautiful lady.  I love my bracelet so much!  I think I will wear it every day!  I love the message on the tag – ‘be yourself’.  I love the bracelet itself and the little green bead.  I love the card and the words on the card that came with the bracelet.  I loved meeting you Lisa and thank you!


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    • It’s my pleasure to include you and the beautiful bracelet gift you gave us in my project. I had the best time too yesterday. Loved meeting everyone! Lucky it wasn’t today – very gloomy & rainy day here!! xo


    • It was fabulous to finally meet you Anne! We didn’t get to chat terribly much so we’ll have to do it again really soon for sure! Min xo


  1. Sounds like loads of fun and that bracelet – gorgeous. I especially like the ‘Be yourself’ wording 🙂 You’re a fantastic photographer. Have you done a course, or just naturally good with a camera?


    • Isn’t that bracelet just devine! I absolutely love it. I have it on again today 🙂 Thank you so much for the lovely words about my photography. Being a great photographer is what I am aiming for so to read your words was such a lovely buzz – thank you!! Funny you should mention a course! I am doing a Diploma in Professional Photography at the moment! 🙂 Min xo


      • Wow! Well I think you’re well on the way to being an awesome photographer. Good luck with the course 🙂


    • Thank you so much Judy! Ahhh yes – all those things you listed I like taking photographs of too + more. Yes – do start blogging your photography stuff! It’s nice to find a kindred spirit 😉 Was also so great to meet you last week! Min xo