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Turn your can’ts into cans

Turn Can'ts into Cans

One thing I have improved on is saying “shut up” to any negative self talk that comes into my head.  An example would be the Photography course I am doing at the moment.

My inner negative voice has been saying things like “you’ll never understand it all”, “you’ll never be a good photographer”, “you’ll never handle the study”, “who are you kidding!” etc etc   There was a time when this kind of negative self talk would bring me down.  I would believe it and back down.  Nowadays, I find myself talking back to it.  I say things like “oh shut up and buggar off”, “I can do this”, “how would you know unless I give it a try”, “I am much smarter and more clever than you realise” etc.

Do you have that little inner negative self talk voice?  Do you let yourself believe it?   If you do … don’t!  Try telling it to “shut up”!  We all have so much untapped potential.  We can all do and achieve so much more if we learn to NOT listen to the negative self talk.  Give it a try!

I am turning my can’ts into cans and in turn I am turning my dreams into plans!  Watch this space! 😉



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    • Hi there – thanks for your comment! I totally agree – it’s an awesome quote and a mindset shift that is so important. Negative self talk holds us back from so much potential!


  1. Yes!!!! I have that annoying little voice too. But I just either ignore it, or remind it that it was wrong last time …