365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Days 230 to 233

creative idea for blog

365 Grateful – Day 230:  Due to events over the last 12 months, my creativity had taken a bit of a holiday.  I’m grateful that a creative idea for my blog popped into my head.  It may only be small.  It may still be under development … but … it excites me and gives me hope that more creativity is soon to flow.

gazania flower

365 Grateful – Day 231:  Just look at this Gazania flower that is growing beside our pool fence!  It’s a beautiful shade of sunshiney yellow with such beautiful chocolate coloured patterned markings.  So grateful for the wonder of nature!

husband, handyman

365 Grateful – Day 232:  Grateful to MrMM for fixing the light in the pool.  It’s been broken for such a long time and required new parts to be ordered.  He had to submerge his arms in freezing cold pool water!

frozen chicken

365 Grateful – Day 233:  So grateful for a sunny day so I can get my frozen chook (chicken) defrosted for dinner tonight!  I forgot to get it out of the freezer last night … oops!!