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I chose this quote today because I have been getting on the self loathing wagon a bit lately over the fact I have gained some weight and am getting older!  I saw a photo of myself side on at MissM’s 18th birthday party.  My thoughts – horrific, fat, old!!   I emailed the party photos to her – but of course – I didn’t send her THAT one!

I have much more work to do to learn to accept myself for how I look.  Of course, I do need to take steps to lose some weight, but I would like to be able to accept myself (without self loathing talk) whatever I weigh, whatever I wear, however I look.  I also believe that I should feel joy at getting older.  It is better than the alternative – right?!

Beauty really is what is on the inside.  I know this, so why do I judge myself so harshly by my external appearance?  I don’t judge others so harshly on their external appearance?  When I meet people and get to know people, it is what comes from the inside that I either like or dislike.  When I really like someone, how they look externally is irrelevant.  Why can I not be the same towards myself?

I still avoid being in any photographs and usually destroy (delete) most that I end up in.  I am destroying memories for my children.  Very sad.

I wish that when I looked at a photograph of myself, that I could see my authentic self and not be looking and judging my external self.  I wish that for all of you too.  Let’s work towards that! 😉



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  1. It is hard sometimes to see myself in pics especially next to my youthful, glowing, 16 year old daughter. But I figure I look pretty good for my age just the same, and no doubt in 20 years time I will look back and wonder why I didn’t appreciate being young in my 40’s!


    • I know what you mean Janet! My 18 year old daughter is beautiful, slim, glowing 🙂 Photo’s of me standing next to her really show a difference LOL However, you are right! I look back at photo’s of me in my 20’s and 30’s and I think I am lovely but I remember being critical of how I looked back then. It’s my weight more than anything that gets me down. I’m sick of the struggle with it. I never used to have to worry about it. That being said – I do think I look good for my age! 🙂


  2. I look at photos of my 19 year old girl and I and can see so much of me in her.The years go by way too fast.Seems like such a short time ago I was looking and feeling like her. How wonderful it was being so carefree…before I grew up !
    Now I have to accept I am the way I am and only I have the power to change and be what I want to be.
    Yes Min it would be great to look in the mirror and see my authentic self.It is a beautiful thing to work towards.x


    • I see much of myself in my 18 year old daughter too Deby. Though she is far more beautiful than I ever was – but we both had the lovely slim figure. I know it is stupid to be so critical of myself….so I’ll keep working towards learning to accept myself how I am 😉 xo