365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Days 223 to 226

Books, Cafe

365 Grateful – Day 223:  Grateful for a lovely catch up with a friend for brekky at a new local cafe which is awesome.

On Thursday I met up with a friend for coffee and breakfast at a cafe we hadn’t met at before.  It’s called Jimbo & Co’s Coffee House.  I love the place!  The staff are super friendly, the coffee is fantastic and the food was scrummy!  I was too busy chatting and enjoying my coffee and brekky to take any photo’s so I have borrowed today’s photo from Jimbo & Co’s Facebook page.   This cafe has such a friendly, local feel about it.   As you can see in the photo, they have a system where you can take a book if you leave a book.  I love it!  I have lots of books I will never read again, so I’ll be back to leave a book and take a new book to read.  Of course, while I’m there I will stay for a coffee (at least!) 🙂


365 Grateful – Day 224:  I love it that nature always has surprises to make me smile.  Grateful for this pretty flower in one of my hanging baskets that caught my attention whilst cleaning up the pergola area for MissM’s 18th birthday party.

birthday cake

365 Grateful – Day 225:  Grateful that MissM enjoyed her 18th birthday party.

Yes – her name is Meg. 😉  This cake was perfect for the 40 or so guests at the party.  It’s a mud cake called ‘Original Sin’ bought from our local Cheesecake Shop.  Apart from tasting absolutely delicious, it was perfect because with mud cake you only need cut thin slices (as mud cake is so rich) – so it fed the 40+ people easily!


365 Grateful – Day 226:  Grateful for a lovely sleep-in (after a very late night) wrapped in this beautiful quilt made by my mother.

My mum is very much into quilting and we have several of her beautiful quilts in the house.  One day I will photograph them all and do a post on them.  Mum is a member of a quilting group and thoroughly enjoys her quilting.  I would love to follow in her footsteps and become a quilter … but would I ever have enough patience for it?  I’m not sure!  😉