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Flashback Friday: 1990 – The House the Mash’s Built

In 1990 we built the first and only house that we have ever had built!  It was our third residence as a married couple.  When first married in 1985, we lived in (rented) a unit while we saved for our first house.  The second place we lived in was the first house we bought and 3 years later – sold!  We lived with my parents while our next house (third residence) was built.  We now live in our fourth residence!

Back to our third residence and first and only ever house that we built!  We were in quite a state of shock when our block was first cut.  What was a gentle slope had then became a block of land which was more below road level than we were expecting and would have a much steeper driveway than expected!  However, there was nothing to be done so we soon got used to the idea!

IMG_0003 - Photo 1

Our land after being cut
(the grassed area in the foreground is the block behind us)

The building process took much longer than expected due to months and months of rain!  As you can see in the photograph below, the holes dug for the foundations filled with water!

IMG_0002 - Photo 2

We were overjoyed when finally the foundations got done!

IMG_0007 - Photo 3

IMG_0008 - Photo 4

As you can see, it was a classic L-shaped low-set brick home which was typical of the time.  In actual fact, our house was considered a pretty big house!  Sadly, 17 years later it didn’t seem quite so big when we had one tween and two teens and not enough room or storage space!

It was pretty exciting when the framework went up!

IMG_0009 - Photo 5

Ok – don’t laugh.  This is me.  I had short dark hair in 1990 and it is a little wind blown.  I was wearing my Ken Done top.  It was very on trend at the time! 😉  I was happy and excited!  Doesn’t look it in the photo though does it!

IMG_0022 - Photo 6

The glass windows and doors going in was SO exciting!  Look at all the mud and mess – ugh!

IMG_0004 - Photo 7

Walls! ….and mud….and mess…  Oh look – you can see the bath in the bathroom because the wall isn’t finished!

IMG_0011 - Photo 8

A roof!  Oh that IS going to be a steep driveway isn’t it!

IMG_0012 - Photo 9

It starts to resemble a home on the inside…!!

IMG_0010 - Photo 10

Brickwork happens!  …and more mud…more mess!

IMG_0021 - Photo 11

And through the miracle of time … and lots of work … VOILA!

IMG_0015 - Photo 12

IMG_0017 - Photo 13

The photo below does not give an accurate representation of the brick colour!

IMG_0005 - Photo 14

Told you the driveway would be steep!  We got used to it though and it never was a problem.

IMG_0006 - Photo 15

IMG_0013 - Photo 16

IMG_0014 - Photo 17

I loved our stained glass front door.  Such a shame cameras and photography ability back in 1990 were not very good!!

IMG_0018 - Photo 18

This was our bedroom (complete with ensuite and walk-in-robe).  OMG how my taste has changed since then!  At the time I absolutely LOVED the Sheridan bedspread & curtain set that you see there.  It was in pinks and blues and greens – a little floral number – very pretty.  The photo does not do it justice!

IMG_0019 - Photo 19

And what 1990 home would be complete without a peach/apricot bathroom!  This was the main bathroom.  Our ensuite was in white and grey. 🙂

IMG_0016 - Photo 20

All the photo’s in this post are from during the building process or just after moving in.  When we left this house 17 years later, many things had changed as the times, and my taste changed.  The front and back gardens were very established when we left in 2007 and we had a gorgeous and huge paved and roofed pergola area at the back of the house.

Even though the house became too small for us, I miss it.  It wasn’t someone elses’s house that we bought.  It was our home from the day dot.  We invested so much of ourselves in it.  Where we live now is lovely and a much bigger house with loads of storage, a pool and even ducted aircon.  It’s our new home, but it doesn’t feel as much our home as that house that we built did.


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  1. The house we live in now is the only place we have owned together and we built it too! I feel so SAD when I think about leaving it, even though I am sure we will one day. Brought both babies home here, it’s the only place they know.
    Also! OMG KEN DONE! You are so on trend it is NOT FUNNY! Kath and Kim eat your hear out. Love it and love all these photos Min!


    • I was so sad when we left our last house. It was too small, it was a bit hot, it was nothing flash but it was the house we built together as a couple and we had all our children there. It’s hard to leave a place like that! LOl – re Ken Done! I’m so glad someone knows who Ken Done is!! Have a great w/e! Min xo


  2. I know exactly what you mean about the cut and fill process – we built in 1993 and we too discovered that we would have a very steep driveway – but it was going UP not down! That made getting out of the car to open the garage door a major feat, esp when I was heavily pregnant – thankfully we got a remote by the time #2 came along! 🙂

    We sold that home after ten years (10 years ago now) and my kids still say if it ever comes on the market, we have to buy it back!


    • Aha – that is the problem many of our neighbours on the other side of our street had! There were some super duper steep driveways going UP on the other side of the road. You were lucky to get a remote. We had no remote at our last house. We had to get out of the car, trot down the driveway, open the door and then climb the hill back up to the car! Luckily we have a remote at this house – though no hill! I can’t even bare to drive in our old street and look at our house. It doesnt seem right that other people are living in it now! 😉 Min xo


  3. Awwwww, you brought a year to my eye with that post! There’s always something special about the very first home you build and no matter where you go, it always holds a special place in your heart…


  4. I would love to build our own home one day. It is such a lovely idea, building from scratch, from all of your dreams of home.


  5. I don’t think we will ever build our own home, living in Sydney, but luckily I like old homes 🙂 My parents built our family home, and we lived there for 30 years. It was very special having one family home for so long, built especially for us.


    • I love old homes! My sister lives in Sydney and has just extended and renovated her old home. It has far more character and charm than a new build. My parents built their home and are still living it. It’s very special indeed! xo


    • Thanks Rita! It was lovely for the time and the stage of life we were at then. I would do a different style of house with completely different interior design if I were to build now. Hope you are enjoying your holiday over there! I’d love to see some piccies of Montreal! xo