Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday: Expo 88

Expo 88 Season Pass

What do you know!  I still have my Expo 88 Season Pass!

Why are you laughing?  My orange toned lipstick?  It matched the orange in the dress I was wearing (which you can’t see)!!  My hair style?  I’ll have you know that in 1988 that was VERY stylish!  Oh yes indeedy it was!  Look at the stylish height and flicking of the fringe!!  Look at the expertise used in pulling back my hair in combs to give height and poof!!

Combs??  You don’t know what I mean by combs??  Have you been living under a rock??  In the 80’s everyone used combs!!  They looked like this …

plain brown hair comb

They are still used these days … but come in a variety of more stylish forms now … like this:

Vintage look hair comb

or this:

Blue Rhinestone Hair Comb

The idea to share my Expo 88 Season Pass came from Janet of Redland City Living who recently shared her Expo 88 Season Pass – see HERE.

I still have my Expo 88 Passport – where I received a stamp for each pavillion that I visited.  I had a dig around but couldn’t find it but I know it is here somewhere!  If I find it, I’ll update this post and re-publish.  I’m sure there are some photo’s of our visits to Expo 88 somewhere too!

I remember my cousin and her husband from NSW coming to stay with us.  They each had a 3 day pass to Expo 88.  So we went with them three times and had a ball each and every visit.  Of course we also went many, many other times when they weren’t visiting with us.  We had a season pass each!

We were living in our first house and did not yet have any children, so we had plenty of free time!  Expo 88 provided six months of entertainment, good food and good times!  Many people of Brisbane went through very real withdrawals when it all was over.

Expo 88 was such a good thing for Brisbane.  This event was the prime catalyst for the resurrection of South Bank and the emergence of Brisbane as a vibrant, world-class city.

Following World Expo 88, the site was cleared of buildings apart from three heritage buildings and the Boardwalk. While the Queensland Government had intended to sell South Bank for commercial development after Expo 88, locals had realised its potential as a public space. Public lobbying saw 17 hectares of South Bank remain public parkland.

Southbank is now a beautiful place to visit.  We have the River Stage, many restaurants and cafe’s, Kodak Beach (which I think is now called ‘Streets Beach’?), the Wheel of Brisbane and much more.  If you’re not familiar with Brisbane’s Southbank, visit HERE to see all that it has to offer.

If you’re interested, check out this ABC video of ‘Brisbane reflecting back on Expo 88’:  ‘ Click Here

There is also this Ten News video ‘Fond memories of when Brisbane came of age’:  ‘ Click Here


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    • Thank you! It WAS fantastic. It was so much fun. I’m so glad I was old enough at the time to go and collect all the fabulous memories I have of that time 🙂


  1. We could almost be twins!!!

    I had peachy lipstick like that too. I don’t remember what the shade was called but mine was an Estee Lauder and I always felt the bees knees when I wore it!

    Do you remember how they tried to keep the amusement park with the rides going for a while, but it flopped dismally?!


    • Yes peachy lipstick was all the go back then LOL Wow – how do you even remember what brand yours was? I have no idea what brand mine was! Yep I remember the attempt of keeping the amusement park going. I think people were still depressed that the rest of Expo had ended maybe??


  2. Awesome! That’s quite the 80’s look!! I’ve haven’t spent much time in Brisbane but it sounds pretty great! Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you have so much fun at Expo! Its amazing how something like that really changes a city. xx


    • Thanks Nat! Expo 88 was such a fantastic time in Brisbane. It changed Brisbane for the better and I’m so glad I was around at the time to enjoy it! xo


  3. I flew up to QLD for a week of Expo 88. Completely forgotten about that until now. And I am pretty sure I had a big hair do to compete with yours in 1988!!


  4. Oh, those combs!!! Loved those! Their purpose was two fold for me. I’d use it to tease my hair then slot it in to keep my bouffant in place!
    Speaking of which, loved yours! Such volume! Such height! 🙂