365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Days 213 to 215

365 Grateful - Day 213

365 Grateful – Day 213:  Grateful for pretty glass bottles, rustic deck boards and nature today!

These are the little glass bottles I bought at Hawkins Garden Nursery the other week.  Love them!  I was practicing my ‘depth of field’ and ‘focus’ in this shot.  Notice the focus is on the little pink bottle at the back. 🙂

365 Grateful - Day 214

365 Grateful – Day 214:  Grateful for the surprise that came in the mail.  Such generosity and kindness from Lenards Chicken. Thank you!

I thought it was probably best to blot out a few things on the gift certificate 😉

365 Grateful - Day 215

365 Grateful – Day 215:  Grateful to wake this morning and see some support for my first ‘Min Unplugged’ post.  Thank you so much!

‘Min Unplugged’ is a series of 4 posts (but might end up 5) being published each Tuesday.  It is the back story of how MinsMash came about and reveals more about ‘the incident’ that occurred in May 2012 that caused me illness and changed the direction of my life. It is difficult yet empowering to write!


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  1. Surprises in the a mail are awesome and that one is perfect to choose your own delights.
    The bottles are cute.


    • Thanks Trish! Yes it was a lovely surprise and I’m looking forward to using it! I think the bottles are cute too … but then I have a thing for all different shapes, sizes and types of glass bottles 🙂


  2. I’m sure you won’t be surprised when I say I *love* those bottles!!!!
    I also love Lenard’s Chicken – jealous! 😉
    And you know I loved your blog post. Sad that it happened, but good on you for sharing xxx