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Min Unplugged – Part 1

betrayal at work

I said some time ago that I was going to write a blog post called ‘Min Unplugged’ where I would reveal more about myself and the incident that occurred in May 2012 that caused me pain and illness.  Until now, it has only ever been something I have very hazily referred to – but never explained.  It is the back story as to how MinsMash came about.

There was a point since announcing my plans for this post that I thought that writing a ‘Min Unplugged’ post was a really bad idea!  And … it probably was at the time!  The thing with blogging is knowing how much of yourself is ok to share.  It’s a fine balance and you need to be careful and comfortable with what you put of yourself out there in cyberspace.

I thought it over for quite some time and came to the conclusion that it was worthwhile sharing, so long as what I wrote sat comfortably with me.

I have found during the nearly eight months that I have been blogging, that the posts that get the most response and interest are those ones where I open my heart and speak my truth.  I have also discovered over this time, that I am by far not the only one who has suffered with the problems that I have had and still have.  It is by sharing that we realise that we are not alone and maybe even not quite as odd as we might think we are!  For this reason, I have decided to go ahead with this post as I promised I would.

As I started typing this post, I found I had quite a bit to say and it was getting quite long.  So I have decided to run a series of Min Unplugged posts – Parts 1 to 5, sharing them each Tuesday over the next five weeks.

Part 1 begins below.


I have waited for quite some time before contemplating putting my fingers to the keyboard to write this post.  For a long time I was in a place of pain, confusion, hurt and anger.  I wanted to wait until I was in a better place to write this post because then hopefully I could write it in a more positive light and the temptation to delete it later would not be there!!

I now feel ready to let go of the past and writing this post begins the release.  The past doesn’t cause me pain anymore.  In fact, I am thankful that it happened, because it has brought me to where I am now and in all honesty – I’d rather be HERE than back THERE.   It is quite ironic actually that the time I choose to write about this is nearly spot-on 1 year from when the incident occurred!

These days, I am feeling more hopeful and excited for my NOW and my future.  I am studying photography which I have discovered a passion for.  I am discovering many things about myself that previously I never had the time or space to do.   I will talk more on that later.

Let’s get the incident out of the way.  I’m not going to go into the detail as there really is no point.  I will breeze over it all in a wrap-up type of way, excluding all the nasty little details.

I was very proud of my achievements at work.  I was acting at a higher level in the field of project management and had been for over 12 months.  I had dealt with lots of crap – inheriting the responsibility of fixing absolute chaos, a slack and mostly absent manager who ultimately was transferred to another area, a devastated admin girl whose job was upgraded and when she applied for it she didn’t get it, mentoring the new admin girl, an overwhelming workload and a serious under-staffing issue, taking on many aspects of the manager’s job since there was no-one in the role for a long, long time … and much, much more.  I had gained the respect of my work colleagues.  Whilst managing an enormous workload, I was studying at night and sat two exams in order to undertake a task set to me to the absolute best of my ability.  I was successfully chairing important committee meetings and was thrilled with the progress I was seeing.  I had begun an enormous project and was excited about it.  THEN….out of the blue….the rug was pulled out from under me when I was betrayed by executive management (one person in particular – but we won’t go there!).  The detail of what took place I will not go into.  I walked out that day and have never returned.

How was I betrayed I hear you ask?

… Read more in Unplugged – Part 2.



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  1. Oh Min, big hugs. We sound very alike – pour our heart and soul into what we are doing, only to have it all go pear shaped. As for being appreciated, what’s that?! Thank you for sharing and I can’t wait to meet you in person on the 29th and exchange this virtual hug for a REAL ONE!


    • Thanks Janet! Yep you got it! I always give everything all of me, the best of me, 100% commitment! Appreciated? Hmmm! I’m soooo looking forward to the 29th to meet you and the others IRL at last and of course for REAL hugs! 🙂


  2. Min, I had a feeling by reading your older posts that something might had happened with you regarding work… I knew that you worked in management and always thought: Hmmm… Why is she not working anymore in this field… I’m glad you are sharing these posts here. I’m sure they will someone else who will relate to them. And your readers will learn to know you more and this can be only a good thing. As you said, it’s hard to find the right balance between what you can and can not share on your blog but, as you said, you can tell the story without going in deep details for certain aspects.


    • Hi Rita – yes it was pretty obvious that it was something around my work that went astray! I hope that by writing about it, there will be other experiencing similar things who can relate and that they are inspired to forge on and make a positive out of a negative. Thank you for commenting and have a safe and happy holiday!! Min xo


    • Yep Em – something like that! My healing process has come a long, long, long way over the last nearly 12 months. This is the final release of the negative stuff. Onward and upward! Min xo


  3. It is so hard to put it all out there. I hope that writing it out and sharing helps to you to process more and help others who have dealt with similar things. x Karen #TeamIBOT


    • Hi Karen! It was too hard for a long time. In is a little easier now that I am in a better place. I’m still mindful of being careful what and how I say what I say! I really hope that by doing this it helps someone else! Min xo


  4. I find it really cathartic to write about issues – but, as you say, it needs to sit comfortably with you first.
    Sending heaps of love, hugs and positive energy !


  5. You have my attention!! It sucks so much when people deceive us but I know with deception comes lessons and I look forward to reading what yours were. You are amazing Min and I appreciate your honesty xxxxxx


    • Hi there Leigh! I have your attention? Wow – with you having a houseful of boys that is quite an achievement for me LOL There certainly have been many lessons for me. Thank you for your kind words. It means so much to me. 🙂 Min xo