365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Days 209 to 212

365 Grateful - Day 209

365 Grateful – Day 209:  Grateful for some pampering at a hair appointment and grateful to restock some essential hair products!

On Thursday I had a hairdressing appointment.  I love my hairdressing appointments!  I particularly love the scalp massage when they put the conditioning hair treatment in.  I always leave feeling fantastic!  I was running out of shampoo and conditioner and my magic hair shine (curly haired people need this stuff!) so it’s great to be re-stocked!

365 Grateful - Day 210

365 Grateful – Day 210:  Grateful to celebrate a special day with my daughter.  She turned 18!

May 3rd is my daughter’s birthday and also my mother’s birthday.  We had dinner at home with just our family and MissM’s boyfriend.  Mum, Dad and my brother went out to dinner over my parent’s side of town.  MissM is having an 18th birthday party at home with all her friends on 18 May.

365 Grateful - Day 211

365 Grateful – Day 211:  Grateful for a wonderful day spent with my mother and two sisters celebrating mum’s 72nd birthday.

Two of my sisters and I took mum out to lunch.  Dad was playing his usual Saturday bowls.  In today’s photo you can see what I had for lunch.  Oh my … it was sooo delicious!  It was Beef Fajita’s, pickled carrots, crema avocado salsa and Brace’s Hot Sauce!  You can also see a bit of coffee art and the fantastic place where we ate – The Corner Store Cafe.  After lunch we went back to mum’s place and had coffee and cake and chatted for hours.  A lovely day!

365 Grateful - Day 212

365 Grateful – Day 212:  Grateful for a day at home, pottering around getting jobs done and spending time with my gorgeous doggies!

These photo’s were snapped not long ago.  This is what they do when I am on the computer! 😉

Have a great Sunday!