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A day in the country

On Saturday MrMM and I went on a day trip to Queen Mary Falls – just east of Killarney, Queensland.  We drove through Warwick (where I lived for a year during childhood) and came back to Brisbane via Peaks Crossing and Boonah.

The minute we left city and suburban landscapes and were surrounded by country landscapes I felt a weight leave my shoulders and a sense of peace came over me.  I love the country and wow she was looking beautiful on this day.

I’m linking up for the first time ever with My Little Drummer Boys‘ – Wordless Wednesday.  So sit back and enjoy some of the photographs that I took on our day trip.

27 April 2013 001

27 April 2013 014

27 April 2013 017

27 April 2013 020

27 April 2013 022

27 April 2013 023

27 April 2013 037

27 April 2013 047

27 April 2013 049

27 April 2013 067

27 April 2013 068

27 April 2013 079

27 April 2013 080

27 April 2013 095

27 April 2013 096

27 April 2013 117


Linking up today with My Little Drummer Boys for ‘Wordless Wednesday’

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  1. I love drives in the country. That’s one thing I am really missing being able to do with the kids coz I dont have a big enough car …
    Looks like it was a good trip.


    • Oh that’s a bummer! I hope you can get a bigger car. I plan on doing these type of day trips more frequently. They are so uplifting!


    • Thanks Ang! I love waterfalls too. It was really quite cool down at the base of the waterfall. It was a beautiful part of the world 🙂


  2. Oh how divine! What beautiful pics. I’m doing 1000 steps in the Dandenongs this Sunday so hoping to get some lovely shots too :0)


    • Thanks Neets! Oh the Dandenongs are gorgeous. I’ve been there once. Drove up there when I was visiting Melbourne for a wedding. I look forward to seeing your photos!! 🙂


    • Thanks Rita! The course is going well. I got 10/10 for my first assignment (was so thrilled) for Module 1. About to start Module 2 assignment now. Min xo


    • Thanks Janet! You should go there one day. It’s a great day out! Yes I think Wordless Wednesday may be a little addictive 😉 lol


    • Thanks Zita! Yes – wow if you’re parents live out that way – get out there often. So good for the soul all that beautiful countryside 🙂